A Comprehensive Guide to the Pioneer Scouts with Scout Leader Wickedy – Get that Backpack with the Tadpole Scouts

fallout 7 - A Comprehensive Guide to the Pioneer Scouts with Scout Leader Wickedy - Get that Backpack with the Tadpole Scouts

Heya Scouts! Scout Leader Wickedy here with my Comprehensive Guide to all of the
dYmYEfb - A Comprehensive Guide to the Pioneer Scouts with Scout Leader Wickedy - Get that Backpack with the Tadpole Scouts

Tadpole Badges.

What About Scouts and Backpacks?

The Pioneer Scouts were introduced in Patch 9 with Ever Upwards in May of 2019 as a part of the Wild Appalachia rollout. With it, it brought the opportunity to unlock backpacks, and eventually some pretty stellar mods for backpacks. And I've been making video guides to those badges for you visual learners out there like me since then. With Wastelanders, we have been introduced to a couple of new backpack mods, and some great new backpack skins, so getting the bigger backpack from the Pioneer Scouts can be a great game-changer. I know I can't live without the extra carry weight. This Comprehensive Guide is here to help you with getting the backpack swiftly, as well as including all the little tips and needed things and locations for each badge that I've included in my video guides. Just now it's all in one spot.

What You Will Need Starting Out:

  • Well, first you need to start the Order of the Tadpole. This quest begins from reading the Pioneer Scout posters located in all the train stations, leading you to find Scout Leader Jaggy as Pioneer Scout Camp in the Toxic Valley. It's near Grafton Steel and Grafton Dam. Starting the quest will unlock the plans to a frog jar and frog habitat needed for one of your badges, as well as give you your Tadpole Uniform.
  • Helpfulness: Head over to Kiddie Corner Cabins, right by Wavy Williards in the Toxic Valley and complete the Operation Tidy quest for Scout Leader Pompy, the most patronizing Scout Leader. It's a pretty easy quest to do.
  • Bravery: In the Mire, close to Crevasse Dam you need to head to Dolly Sods Campground and chat with Scout Leader Treadly to begin Stings and Things, which you'll need bug parts to turn in, Treadly will direct you to places to find those bugs. In the Mire, Bloatflies can always be found in a honeybeast cave NE of Freddy Fears. Bloodbugs at Southhampton Estate, Stingwings at a location east of and between Treetops and Big B's(Or always at Bleeding Kates in the forest/ash head region) Ticks will always be found roaming around Dolly Sods, and Radroaches can be found often inside the various bunkers in the Mire. These are just a few close locations.
  • Kindness: If you are a solo player such as myself, this one can be difficult to achieve. One thing you can do is ask for help, there are a lot of discord servers and people that are willing to die for you to help you get your backpack. I myself found opportunities at public events. One of the easiest events to revive someone is the Encyptid event. There is always someone there getting downed from the life-draining pylon, and even at times in the water, which knocks out a task for the Swimmer badge.
  • Growth: Now we need to start earning some Tadpole Badges. 3 to get the backpack unlocked. It can be any three of the ten available. I'll be going over how to get each badge down below. Personally, I found the Mammalogist, Athlete, and Archer Badge the easiest to do first, but it really depends on your playstyle and perks.
  • A ProSnap Deluxe Camera: Finding this is a lot easier than it used to be. Firstly, you need to find the tourist, which I had a guide and Tourist Trap Map that covered an easy way to do so, though now since Patch 14 in September of 2019, you can now track down the tourist via the Personal Terminal unlocked for free in the Atomic Shop. You don't need to complete Bucket List, just need the camera for the scouts.
  • Pioneer Scout Exam Answers: Not everyone knows the answers to all the exams, and that's okay. It's fun to try and see if you can pass these exams yourself, there are some pretty interesting questions and funny answers, and you might learn something new. But I've linked the answers for those who need it. The Exam terminals can be found at Pioneer Scout Camp, where you began your journey, and also at Camp Adams, near the Giant Teapot, the location of Campfire Tales.
  • A Checklist: While not required, this checklist by u/Lunaeria was crucial to me getting my badges organizes and done. I highly recommend it.

Tadpole Badges

Archer (Video Guide)

  1. Pass the Knowledge Exam (info above)
  2. Complete the Pioneer Scouts Shooting test, located on the southern edge of Pioneer Scout Camp.
  3. Craft 50 crossbow bolts. At the time of making my guide, the extra ammo crafted with Ammosmith and Superduper didn't apply and was counted as surplus and didn't apply to the 50 needed. You'll need 10 adhesive, 5 aluminum, 15 plastic, and 25 steel.
  4. Repair a Crossbow 3 times: If you craft a crossbow (Plan located at the archery range) be sure not to have any perks active craft them in good repair. These can be pretty sturdy. I found a few crossbows in bad shape to repair, such as the ones at Palace of the Winding Path, Middle Mountain Cabins and Bootleggers Shack. Just bash the crossbow on some stuff and repair them a few times and you'll be golden.
  5. Kill 50 enemies with a Crossbow. This is pretty easy if you hit up low level wave events, like Collision Course, Feed the People and Tea Time.

Athlete (
Video Guide)

  1. Pass the Knowledge Exam (info above)
  2. Have Strength 5 or higher. Chem, food, and alcohol boost count, like from Deathclaw Wellington+3, Whiskey+2, Buffout chems.
  3. Have Agility 6 or higher. Chem, food, and alcohol boost count, like from ground mole rat+3, rum+1, Calmex+3
  4. Complete Athletic course at Camp Venture: You have one minute to run the course. You can take it as many times as you want. The Wall can be difficult for those without marsupial, just circle around the other side and go up the stairs. Having AP boosting perks, gear and items can be helpful.
  5. Complete Athletic course at New River Gorge Bridge: This is started from the Eastside, there are goals and stingwings, as well as rad barrels that are obstacles. Just don't look down, you'll be fine.
  6. Complete Athletic course at Sunnytop Ski Lanes: The starting point is behind the building by the ski lift. This is probably the hardest of the three courses, as there are a lot of traps and explosions, and flying gnomes. You can sneak down the course with the Agility Perk Card Light Footed if you think you'll be able to make it in time, otherwise, I suggest running the course and triggering all the traps first, so when you try again you won't have an issue.

Codebreaker (
AHRWtLDtF0k - A Comprehensive Guide to the Pioneer Scouts with Scout Leader Wickedy - Get that Backpack with the Tadpole ScoutsVideo Guide)

  1. Pass the Knowledge Exam (info above)
  2. Hack 3 level 0 Terminals: I went with the terminal at Landview lighthouse, hopping servers will work for terminals as well. A locked Personal Terminal by a friend can be unlocked, but you will receive a wanted country if you do so. There is a great post on this subreddit by u/FredrowActual that has a lot of locations of all the levels of locked terminals.
  3. Hack 3 level 1 Terminals: See #2
  4. Hack 3 level 2 Terminals: See #2
  5. Hack 3 level 3 Terminals: See #2
  6. Solve a nuke launch code sequence by launching a nuke: I do go over the steps you need to do in my video guide if you need a more in depts video guide as well, I suggest checking out the guide I used by

    . You can find the weekly codes on nukacrypt. But if you want to try to solve the codes yourself for a challenge, by all means, feel free.

Cook (Video Guide)

  1. Pass the Knowledge Exam (info above)
  2. Cook 10 food while wearing a chef hat. If you have a hat from Meat Week, this will work. You can buy a hat from Marie in the Whitespring Resort, you can find hats at various locations such as in the diner at the Toxic Dried Lakebed, or any of these locations.
  3. Cook one of each: Blackberry, Honey Crisp, Brain Bombs, Cranberry Meatball Grinder, Seared Venison with Berries, S'mores, Sweet Roll, and Yao Guai Roast.
  • Tips: In my guide, I go over a great recipe run to find these specific recipes, and where to find all the ingredients you need. There are recipes all over Pleasant Valley Ski Resort. You can also buy a few of these recipes from Antoine at the Whitespring Resort. S'mores come from the Campfire Tales event, ingredients for that can be found via this post from Mappalachia. Good with Salt can be a helpful perk, Green Thumb is almost a necessity. Butchers Bounty is also great, though it doesn't work the way it used to since Wastelanders. Now you need to actually have it equipped and kill the beast yourself to get the extra yield. I have a grocery list of all the ingredients you need for this badge. Be sure to use the radiated version of Sugar Bombs, a good resource is at Map76. Royal Jelly is the biggest pain, there are only two spawns, one in a basket at the back of Middle Mountain Cabins, and one at the top of Tangara town in the bathtub. If you happen to have the Fasnacht Collectron, he actually collects Royal Jelly you can cook with too. Brahmin Milk is also much easier to come by nowadays as well. I believe if it's a verdant season, you get a higher yield of milk too. I have some farming routes for

    as well as

    though I have found a better glowing resin farming location since that video, though a bit more dangerous.

Entomologist (Video Guide)

  1. Pass the Knowledge Exam (info above)
  2. Complete "Path to Enlightenment" at the Landview Lighthouse. Pretty self-explanatory.
  3. Acquire a Mothman Wing: Not as easy as it sounds, and taking down a Mothman doesn't always mean you'll get a wing. I have noticed a higher number of Mothman encounters since Wastelanders, it might be due to the Mothman cultists being out and about. A Mothman you can fight can be one of the cryptids you are tracking down for the Queen of the Hunt daily, you can server hop to start the quest again if you don't take a sample from whatever cryptic you found and try again. Mothman attacks can be triggered from Assault random encounter locations, I find them oftentimes around the Witesprings grounds, and around the Cranberry bog. I made a few Mothman encounter runs here that you could try yourself. The Assault locations have had the best turnout. Check out this post by u/rynlnk with a bit more info about random encounters. Also, you can't just buy a wing from someone and have it work, you need to loot it.
  4. Take a camera picture of 11 different bugs. Alive, or dead. See above for how to get a camera.
  • Bee Swarm: can be found from any honeybeast, or beehive.
  • Bloatfly: oftentimes found at Kanawha County Cemetary, also here.
  • Bloodbug: Campfire Tales event is a fantastic spot for most bugs. Also Dent & Sons Construction
  • Cave Cricket: Up at Tangara Town, inside of Carleton Mine, Campfire Tales.
  • Firefly: Path to Enlightenment event. Often near river outside Gorge Junkyard.
  • Honey Beast: I made a whole Beekeeping guide about where to find these. A set location is at this cave.
  • Radant: a regular at Appalachian Antiques, Campfire Tales, and Tea Time.
  • Radroach: All over the place. All over Flatwoods, Charleston Landfill, Landview Lighthouse since you're there already.
  • Radscorpion: Often at Kiddie Corner Cabins, Middle Mountain Cabins, The Freak Show, and now always found inside Carleton Mine.
  • Stingwing: Try near the snake on the Whitesprings Grounds, Bleeding Kate's, Treehouse, or during Campfire Tales.
  • Tick: A regular at Campfire Tales, also found at Moonshiners Shack right by V76.

Herpetologist (Video Guide)

  1. Pass the Knowledge Exam (info above)
  2. Craft a Frog Habitat. You learn the plans for frog jar and the habitat upon joining the scouts, head to a chemistry station to craft the jar, capture a frog and then craft the habitat. Frogs were having issues spawning at the usual spot at the Whitespring Golf Club. You can just go up to them and collect. If they don't show up there, you can now always find frogs inside of Carleton Mine.
  3. Take a Camera picture of 8 different creatures. Alive, or dead. See above for how to get a camera.
  • Deathclaw: can be found at Deathclaw Island as well as other places such as Abandoned Waste Dump.
  • Frog: Whitespring Gold Club pool and inside Carleton Mine.
  • Gulper: Gulper Lagoon, or in the river by Dyer Chemical.
  • Mirelurk Crab, King, and Queen: Get all three at Highland Marsh.
  • Mirelurk Hunter: Always at Lake Reynolds in the Ash Heap.
  • Radtoad: Found all over Grafton, and this unmarked pond.

Hunter (
Video Guide)

  1. Pass the Knowledge Exam (info above)
  2. Kill a Radstag with a Black Powder Weapon, Crossbow and Hunting Rifle. You can always find a Radstag at the pond at the Whitespring Resort and a flock can often be found at Colonel Kelly Monument and near Black Bear Lodge, especially if you are doing the Big Game Hunter or Thrill of the Grill quest. Black powder weapons can be found at Philippi Battlefield Cemetery. A Crossbow at Palace of the Winding Path or Middle Mountain Cabins, and a Hunting Rifle you should already have, but you can find a few lying around too.
  3. Kill a Yao Guai with an automatic weapon, a shotgun, and a pipe syringer. Auto weapons and shotguns are very easy to find. A few shotguns are around Grafton, Auto weapons are anything with an automatic receiver. Pipe stringers can be given to you for the Flavors of Mayhem quest, as well as Someone to Talk to. You can also find Syringers at Arktos Pharma. Taking down a Yao Guai with a syringer is usually better to do after you have whittled down their health to almost dead, and use a bleedout barrel mod if you have it to take them down the rest of the way. Only the last hit needs to be made with the weapon required. Bashing works too.
  4. Kill a Wolf with a knife. Any knife will do. You can always find wolves as a part of the Leader of the Pack event, or NW of Widow's Perch.

Mammalogist (Video Guide)

A quick note about this badge, we had some difficulty with Critters right after the release of Wastelanders, it was a major pain. I tried my best to find alternatives and options for this badge specifically here with a critter route and an update video for photos here. But after the issue finally coming to the forefront of attention to the devs due to Fascnacht, (after reporting it multiple times since WL) the locations in the video guide should all be good now. Thanks devs!

  1. Pass the Knowledge Exam (info above)
  2. Milk Brahmin successfully 10 times. You can place and replace a Brahmin at your camp and workshops, or head over to Flatwoods, the Free Range event and Riding Shotgun to milk those. There is now a Brahmin at Foundation, and a few roaming around near a pond by Pleasant Valley Station.
  3. Take a camera photo of 9 different animals.
  • Brahmin: Locations listed above.
  • Cat: Cheswick II is alive and well at Wixon Homestead.
  • Fox: The spawn at Big Fred's BBQ shack should be fixed, plus a location a little to the east, if not, refer to my quick note. A dead fox can be found in the basement of Van Lowe's Taxidermy.
  • Opossum: Flatwoods. Or visit Marigold Pavilion and Slocum Joes until you get the Settler vs Opossum random encounter.
  • Rabbit: Outside the Whitesprings Service Entrance on the hill, or a corpse found at Rollins Labor Camp.
  • Radstag: Can always be found at the pond at the Whitespring Resort behind residential buildings.
  • Squirrel: Outside the Whitesprings Service Entrance on the hill, or a corpse found at Rollins Labor Camp.
  • Wolf: Leader of the Pack event, or a corpse found in the basement of Van Lowe's Taxidermy.
  • Yao Guai: Always at Dolly Sods, Site Alpha, and train tracks by Mountainside Bed & Breakfast. I can't believe we survived.

Medic (Video Guide)

Quick Note: Chemist Perk will help with this badge, as well as Pharma Pharma to find the chems needed. You will need Lvl 3 Pharmacist as well. The video guide has a chem run around the Morgantown Airport that could help.

  1. Pass the Knowledge Exam (info above)
  2. Use 3 of each Stimpak: Diluted, Stimpak, Stimpak: Super and Stimpak: Diffuser. The recipe for the Stimpak Diffuser is the most difficult to track down, it is a drop from Project Paradise when finishing with at least 2 surviving animals. You don't need to craft it, if you can find someone selling diffusers, by that from them.
  3. Craft 3 or each: Healing Salve, Disease Cure, and Antibiotics. I went with the forest version of Healing Salve and Disease Cure. The recipe for Healing Salve can be found early on from events in the Forest, or First Contact. You already know how to make the Disease cure. Antibiotics recipe can be bought from the Enclave medical wing, found as a drop from certain events like Battle Bot, or with Wastelanders, from a chems dealer random camp encounter at one of these locations. Antibiotics require Lvl 3 Pharmacist to craft. The items you need to craft all these are listed here assuming that you are using Chemist. All the plants you need with Green Thumb can be found near Charleston Herald. Exact spots are shown in the video.

Swimmer (I lost my footage, here is the

by MyUsualMe)

  1. Pass the Knowledge Exam (info above)
  2. Take a camera picture of "Crocolossus Mountain" at Wavy Willard's Water Park, it's the mountain with the big Croc on it. Make sure the name is overlayed in your camera.
  3. Take a camera picture of "Sssslither Slide" at Wavy Willard's Water Park, it's the big slide that looks like a snake. Make sure the name is overlayed in your camera.
  4. Take a camera picture of "Wavy Waves" at Wavy Willard's Water Park, it's the wake pool to the East, I took a shot of the wall. Make sure the name is overlayed in your camera.
  5. Complete the Pioneer Scouts swimming test at Spruce Knob Lake, near Foundation. There is a swimsuit in the portable toilets that you'll need to wear. Head to the Speakerbox to activate the swimming test, and swim to the five buoys in the 5-minute timeframe. There are enemies around, like a Mirelurk Queen and now some Floaters around. If you want, you can take the enemies out before you start the test to make your life easier. Head back to the docks and you're done.
  6. Revive another player while in water: Easier to do with friends for sure. I still recommend creeping around the Encrypted event and helping out a downed player who hopefully got hit into the pond. Otherwise, you gotta coordinate with another player to get this taken care of. Go over to Site Alpha and have someone get beat up by the Yao Guai there in the pond is a pretty easy place to do this at too.

And That's It! Some Afternotes:

That's all the Tadpole Badges, and hopefully, these resources and links will help you get them taken care of and get that backpack faster. Once you hit Possum, repeatable events will give you more possum badges, which can be used for unlocking great backpack mods. I'll work on a Possum post here soon too. As for finishing all the Tadpole badges, there aren't a whole lot of things you can redeem these badges for, apart from plans for the Pioneer scout themed items at the Tadpole vending machine, and some new clothes. The clean U.S. Flags is one of the items as well, and you'll need all 10 badges to unlock all the items available. Though you were given the Tadpole uniform already, so you can probably skip one. I really want a sash or some way to display all the unique badges someday, and I'm looking forward to the eventual Squirrel scouts too. Someday maybe?

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