A comprehensive list of all weapons in game that do not have a skin

fallout 2 - A comprehensive list of all weapons in game that do not have a skin

Theres a lot of weapons in this game and a lot of them need some love. So I decided to form a list of all the weapons in game that do not have a skin available for purchase in the atom shop or earned in game. I am going to rate them out of 5 how bad they need one and some ideas cause I'm bored. I will also be labeling them with their release date like this, just so you can get a feel for how long they've went without any love.

Base game(BG)

Wild Appalachia(WA)

Nuclear Winter(NW)



Starting with one handed melee weapons

Bone Club(BG) 1/5 dont know what you could do with it

Chinese Officer sword(BG) 5/5 broadsword

Commie Wacker(BG) 2/5 Mole Miner Killer

Cultist Blade(BG) 1/5 already cool

Cultist Dagger(BG) 3/5 dagger from dunwich burrows

Drill(BG) 2/5 impact drill

Guitar Sword(BG) 5/5 base sword

Lead Pipe(BG) 1/5 iron pipe

Pipe Wrench(BG) 2/5 just cleaner I guess

Revolutionary Sword(BG) 3/5 no idea

Rolling Pin(BG) 5/5 golden pin, destroyer of worlds

Sickle(BG) 4/5 sickle man IS here

Ski Sword(BG) 2/5 no idea

Shishkebab(BG) 5/5 just make it a different color

Sheepsquatch Club(WA) 1/5 does anyone use this?

Tire Iron(BG) 3/5 no idea

Switchblade(BG) 4/5 switchcomb

Cattleprod(WL) 3/5 handheld bug buzzer

Two handed melee weapons

Board(BG) 3/5 picket fence

Bone hammer(BG) 1/5 it do be a bone

Golf Club(BG) 2/5 a different kind of club cause I'm boring

Mr. Handy Buzzblade(BG) 4/5 weed eater

Multi-purpose Axe(BG) 3/5 make it a two headed axe maybe?

Pitchfork(BG) 5/5 comically large fork

Pole Hook(BG) 2/5 no idea

Pool Cue(BG) 2/5 broken like in the picture shows

Protest Sign(BG) 4/5 they just have insults on them

Sheepsquatch Staff(WA) 4/5 deathclaw skull staff

Shovel(BG) 1/5 flat head shovel

Spear(BG) 2/5 really long stick

The Tenderizer(NW) 3/5 an actaul Tenderizer hammer head

War Drum(WA) 1/5 no idea

War Glaive(22) 1/5 you just came out

Unarmed weapons


Powerfist(BG) 5/5 automatically, super iconic weapon

Mole Miner Gauntlet(BG) 5/5 okay I know this one has a skin, but I have literally never seen it until now and its dumb

Bear Arm(WA) 3/5 sheepsquatch arm

Boxing Glove(BG) 2/5 hulk hands

Brass Knuckles(BG) 1/5 gold?

Deathclaw Gauntlet(BG) 3/5 no idea

Meathook(BG) 2/5 no idea

Gauntlet(WL) 3/5 just a knife of the end instead of a saw


Flare Gun(BG) 1/5 why is this even in the game?

Black Powder Pistol(BG) 2/5 no idea

Pipe Pistol(BG) 5/5 grease gun kind of look

Pipe Bolt Action Pistol(BG) 3/5 no idea

Pipe Revolver(BG) 2/5 no idea


Tesla rifle(BG) 5/5 make it black

Railway Rifle(BG) 3/5 no idea

Crossbow(BG) 3/5 compound crossbow

Radium rifle(BG) 4/5 give it a more green aesthetic

Cyrolator(BG) 2/5 no idea


Double barrel(BG) 5/5 poor guy, all by himself

Heavy weapons

Broadsider(BG) 3/5 no idea

Auto grenade launcher(BG) 3/5 make it bulkier

Harpoon Gun(BG) 2/5 no idea

M67 grenade launcher(BG) 5/5 I know this isnt a heavy weapon but I didnt know where else to put it

Gatling plasma(BG) 5/5 I'm sure you can think of something

And that's all the weapons in 76 that do not have a skin and what I think about em, now theres a 99.99999% chance I've missed something, but I'm sure you'll let me know. I just spent the better part of an hour making this for some unknown reason, so I'd like to hear your ideas for some skins. Most if not all these weapons are used by atleast somebody out there, hell I used a lead pipe for a good few months once. This is just to show how many of these weapons just need some attention on em cause a good skin can go a long way. Thanks for reading.

In the off chance someone from bethesda happens to see this, please give something to the powerfist, that's all I ask.

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