A Concept for an Expansion that Takes the Game to the Coal Region in Philadelphia.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - A Concept for an Expansion that Takes the Game to the Coal Region in Philadelphia.

I understand that this would probably never happen but I just wanted to do this for fun.

This expansion would take players to the Coal Region of Pennsylvania.

The two main factions would be the United Citizens of the Coal Region and the New Pennsylvanian Government.

New Armor:

• Miners Armor

• New National Guardsmen Armor

New Weapons:

• R91

• Shock Conductor for Pickax

• .45 Pistol

• Judge Revolver

• Light Machine Gun

• Makeshift Shotgun


The NPG (New Pennsylvanian Government) and UCCR (United Citizens of the Coal Region) are currently on the verge of war after some settlements belonging to the UCCR were taken by the NPG. There appears to be more to this conflict but as far as you know the NPG are the agitators. There are other “minor factions” who have their own agenda to try and influence the course of the conflict. Some want the conflict to escalate, others want there to be peace but want to get rid of the NPGs council members.

Background (for those interested)

These two groups conflict stems from prewar issues. A majority of the UCCR is made up of miners who distrust the current Government after learning that in order to try and compete with West Virginia, the government would help with funding mining company projects to try and get fully autonomous workers. However they failed to keep secrecy as eventually the workers found out. This distrust grew after influence from some Free States members who had started to train miners in the southernmost region. Riots started to happen, with the National Guard being called in due to the sheer number of miners there were. Eventually the United Miners of the Coal Region (later becoming the UCCR) came to be after the National Guard was successfully pushed out of a majority of the southernmost area. However, before things could escalate further, the Great War had started.

After the bombs had dropped, the New Pennsylvanian Government was formed in the coal region, trying to reach out to citizens and help keep the situation under control. They were fortunate that the National Guard was still aligned with them and helping keep the peace. For the next 15 years, there was little contact between what was now the UCCR and NPG. The UCCR had help from the Free States after some of its members fled to them for safety.


After 16 years of no contact, the NPG had attempted to send a representative to the UCCR to try and convince them to join them. At first, relations seemed neutral between the two groups. Eventually an agreement was met between the two groups to hold a meeting between both of their councils.

The meetings went well until it was found out that some of the current sitting chair members were former mining executives. This immediately started to make negotiations more difficult as much of the UCCR’s council was made up of miners. Eventually the meetings were called off and both groups returned home. That was until a year later when a group of National Guardsmen were spotted encroaching on UCCR territory. After some debate, it was agreed to attempt to capture and interrogate them. The interrogation revealed that they were headed to the bot company to try and restart production. This immediately raised alarms for the UCCR and they stationed men there to prevent anyone from getting into the factory. The factory was sealed shut before the war so it was almost impossible to get in.

The NPG did not take kindly to these actions and demanded that they relinquish their hold on the factory and return their men back to them. The UCCR refused to let go of the factory, fearing that the NPG would use it to make robots to fight them. As it was the National Guard already had Sentry bots, Gutsies, and other assorted military bots. Although they had special tools and modifications to eliminate them, having a constant supply of bots is what worried them. What kicked off the war was when a nearby outpost was attacked and taken from the UCCR. This attack would lead to a violent response and a threat to destroy the factory. As of 2104, small skirmishes and tensions are on the rise.

What do you guys think?

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