New York City, the city is almost dead in the streets, but civilization resides on the skyscraper and towers of NYC. Building are supported with cables or certain levels of the buildings are secured for living, like on the 45th floor housing living while floor 40 is the military wing. Or entire towns are built on top of the towers and are connected with other communities via bridges and elevators. As people use solar panels to gather energy or rain water is collected to filter and drink. As near the ground is covered in a thick fog that no one can see what is going on, as many avoid it as they hear roars from various monsters and blood curdling screams from people in the fog. If you're guilty of a crime the death penalty is being sent to the ground. On the the ground, you can no longer see above to and the floor is littered with hills of debris and radioactive beasts. Along with a new faction called the Banished, a raider group that hunt people from the towers for sport and are coked up sexual fiends that are bottom tier of scum…and you can join them. The only safe places are

Harlem: A large neighborhood walled off turning the mostly black community into a safe haven for the people thrown away from the towers and are the main rivals to the banished. They send out scouts to hunt for food, supplies, clean water. Because of the lack of sunlight on the ground, planting crops are all but impossible to grow and heavily relies on trade with Big Apple.

Big Apple: A large series of connected tunnels of the NYC metro. Big Apple is like Polis from the Metro games, built by the inhabitants of Vault 99 using the fusion generator from the Vault to power half of the underground. The vault was housed with New York's elites from celebrities, CEOs, and Socialites. The purpose was to continue life after the great war, having a food processor, underground agriculture, and water purifiers. Outposts and small living spaces are created and all answer to Big Apple. The catch is that only those descendant from the 1,000 inhabitants of the vault may enter.

I might continue this, but what do you guys think of it?

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New Addition: Imagine an entire tower called Greenfair was overran by monsters and the community had no choice and decided to cut the wires to the elevator to keep the creatures from progressing any further. Leaving the inhabitants to their fate. The towers tune ham radios to communicate with one another and the radio in Greenfair tower at first was filled with a cacophony of screams, gunfire, and roars just suddenly turned silent. The occasional creek can be heard or drops of water hitting the floor on the dead broadcast. Maybe even the chatter of mutants chewing through bones and flesh of the civilians. You explore those ruins and see how a once a vibrant layered city in the tower lay in ruins. The power ran out so now the building was dark as night, you see children drawings scribbled on the walls are covered in blood splatter and claw markings, in the mess hall, the seats had been placed as barrier to the doors and tables flipped over to act as cover. The food on the trays have been spilled onto the floor and white fuzz of mold covers it.


The security sector of the tower are covered in corpses of the creatures and security teams. By how the teams were positioned it looked like a final desperate last stand, as you see half decayed or eaten bodies strewn about the floors from those in rags, to suits and fancy dresses thinking it was safer to get to where the guns were. In the security room, you see weapons still in their locks., A holotape can be found by the body of the captain. You play it and it says he locked himself inside to keep the weapons secured and says he wouldn't go out as mutant chow.

You look into the sleeping area and horrified in seeing the beds covered in pools of blood, you look down to see markings from the nails of a person clawing on the floor leading down the hallway as if something dragged whoever was resting during the massacre. With it leading you to a boarded up doorway and peering in closer you hear chewing.

You go up further and as you walk up the stairs you see a dark brown color on the floor that trails off to the resident area of the wealthier individuals and families. The high class upper floors, though rugged and tattered was beauty in the post apocalypse was now the breeding grounds of giant rats the size of men called Dregs. Fighting through the waves of the beasts you lead up to the building's roof and there is the greenhouse with tato, corn, carrots and all. Rotten and mold make home in their once ripe bodies. You look across at the other towers, orange lights dot them, like torches. Laughter is heard faintly as the Inkspots are playing their best jams on the radio. Little care that only several feet away lies a tomb of people that lived like them.

On the roof there is a single corpse that belongs to the mayor of Greenfair. On his body is a holotape, in his last moments he regrets his decisions as a leader. By siphoning funds from the security budget to throw lavish parties for him and his rich friends that got him to office. Thinking that they haven't seen an attack for years mean the mutants left them be. Little did he knew they were waiting, in the end of the holotape you hear the growl of Dreg circling him.

A little story with a just taste of the kind exploration this kind of place brings. With a bleak reminder of what other towers can face if they're aren't careful.

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