A couple of genuine concerns for FO76.

fallout 6 - A couple of genuine concerns for FO76.


So first thing's first, I am a Game Designer by trade for many years now, and from a designers perspective there are a few things that are genuinely concerning here. I love Fallout as much as the next guy, and honestly I just want this game to be a success and not a flop.

My main concerns (there are still little ones) are for the player experience and various economies (weight, loot etc.). I figured I would voice them here as I know there are a few Beth Devs in this Subreddit.

I'll go a little in depth if I can, but I'd like to try to keep this concise and to the point. Also, this is generally for PC, but might work for consoles too.

Camera Options – Simply put, the lack of an FoV Slider, Motion Blur Toggle, DoF Toggle, and Horizontal/Vertical Sensitivity adjustment. I can understand if they are adding crossplay, as this would be a problem against consoles, but if not, then I see no reason as to why these aren't settings in the game.

The FoV is a real problem though and I know various people including myself who had headaches after extended periods of play (3-4 hours). I had to play in Third Person for most of the time.

The other settings are mostly quality of life settings, but will really help enhance the general user experience.

Push-to-Talk/Text Chat – I understand that PTT is currently being talked about in their office, and I hope this is in by launch or else a shit storm might ensue. The pure fact that voice is on by default, and while creating a character you can hear other people talking.. It's going to be absolutely crazy on launch and people are definitely going to be upset about this (if they aren't already).

For Text Chat, there are game files for them atm, but it would definitely help to have this in on launch, as there are people who are mute, don't have mics, etc. who might want to communicate with people.

Honestly doesn't matter about lore here, it matters about making a greatly accessible game.

Enemy Spawn Times – This is another concerning thing. This is the first living fallout world, respawnable loot, respawnable enemies, real players etc. I understand from a multiplayer open world perspective that you want them to respawn over little time, at least on the main world, but the timers at the moment are too short.

This is especially true in buildings and locations as you could be reading a terminal or a note and BAM, all of the enemies you JUST cleared are now back and beating your face in… Hopefully this is played around a bit more through mass functionality testing from the B.E.T.A.


Stash Limit – Another thing that's been talked about a lot recently. This needs to be higher. Simple as that. Having a low cap, (400 is almost nothing) you can literally fill up the whole stash in about 2 sessions of 6-8 hours. It's crazy. Not sure how this one went past initial testing, it is EXTREMELY limiting people's playstyles.

Me and I'm sure a lot of other people, hoard their items because that makes up half the fun, right? Well in this game, right now we're being forced to scrap or build things, especially since there is infinite loot. I don't really have an option if I want to explore a lot of the game and try to pick up some junk that I might use later, because look at that, it's full again!

Something that might help here, is being able to create more stashes, or upgrading the stash limit through special materials.

Holotapes! – Please queue them up! THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM! Having to wait before playing a new one is a pain, and I really don't want to destroy my immersion. It's also difficult to listen to them while playing with people since (to my knowledge) they auto play when you pick them up, at least for me it did, even when going into Transfer.

Anyways, I'm sure these have been voiced by a lot of people since the first PC B.E.T.A, so I thought I would add my 2c in.

If you've read this whole thing, you're awesome, and you deserve a Gauss Rifle! hands you a Gauss Rifle.


Camera Options – FoV, DoF, MB, Horizontal/Veritcal sensitivity adjustment. Add these in if no crossplay!

Push-to-Talk/Text Chat – PTT needed at launch because you can hear people during character creation, and it's on by default. Text Chat needed because there are people who are mute, don't have mics, or want to play solo.

Enemy Spawn Times – Make them shorter, can't read ma damn terminals without getting shot or smacked!

Stash Limit – Needs to be higher. Too low and limiting a lot of people to a certain playstyle, forcing people to scrap or build since loot is infinite.

Holotapes – Queue them up! There are a lot of them, and we want to hear the story of these people without standing still waiting for one to finish!


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