A Dive Into Junkies

fallout 7 - A Dive Into Junkies

Hey everyone, welcome to your slightly more in depth intro to the Junkies build that goes a little beyond the typical "Get addictions and shoot/hit things". Do you not like running around with a paper thin health bar? Do you like melee AND ranged play? Does constantly fighting with Caution/Danger make you barf your cranberry relish up? Welcome friends. With Junkies you will basically get the solid combo of serious fire power, the CHOICE of many play styles and enough tankiness for all your PVE needs.

The junkies build is pretty simple, so this intro is broken into 5 answers to 5 questions that should answer like 95% of your questions. Then ill finish up with what I personally do to play my best fallout junkies game.

1) What does Junkies do to my weapons?

The Junkies legendary trait gives your weapon a ~10% damage buff per addiction. You max out your junkies benefits at 5 addictions. So your total buff to any junkies weapon is approximately ~ 50%. Boom, thats it. Enjoy running around like a beef steak rather than your typical bloodied vegan option. (No offense, vegans are cool people as long as they get their amino acids).

2) How do I get addicted?

To get addicted to a chem or an alcohol: Take at least 6 of that one chem or alcohol in rapid succession. I say 6 because it seems some chems/alcohol get you shwasted after 4 or 5 uses, but never greater than 6 uses. So to be safe, make sure you have 6 of those hard to find Formula-Ps before you overdose.

Special note regarding Alcohol: It is not a chem. It is in its own category when selecting perks but also when getting addicted. If you want an alcohol addiction, you will need at least 6 wines, or 6 beers, esc… Note that "beer" is not the same as a "pickaxe pilsner" or any other variant when getting your addiction. You will need to drink 6 Beers or 6 pickaxe pilsners.

3) What addictions do you choose?

Here are all withdrawal effects as of June 2020.

ALCOHOL (Alcohol lol): Charisma -1 / Agility -1

BUFFOUT (Chem): Strength -1 / Endurance -1

CALMEX (Chem): Perception -2 / Agility -2

DADDY-O (Chem): Perception -1 / Intelligence -1

DAY TRIPPER (Chem): Charisma -1 / Luck -1

FURY (Chem): Strength -1 / Perception -1

FORMULA-P (Chem): Charisma -2 / Luck -2

MED-X (Chem): Agility -1 / Damage Resistance -10

MENTATS (Chem): Charisma -1

OVERDRIVE (Chem): Strength -1 / Agility -1

PSYCHO (Chem): Strength -1 / Damage Resistance -10

X-CELL (Chem): All SPECIAL Stats -1 (Dont pick this one lol)

Choose the 5 addictions that best fit your play style. My advice is to remember that decreases in charisma, luck, intelligence, and even perception and endurance with seriously go unnoticed for the most part. Even if your finger is heavy on that VATS button, you wont miss the perception. AGILITY and STRENGTH however, will effect game play much more comparably.

Special note to Chem Prefixes: The prefix (beginning) of that chem name is the chem. So Psychotats for example is a psycho drug, not mentats. Bufftats is a buffout drug, not a mentats.

4) How do I manage my addictions?

Golden Rule: Dont go over your 5 main addictions. If you are dabbling in an a chem that you are not addicted to, just dont take more than 4 that day. I dont know the exact reset time in-between taking a chem or alcohol, but if you stick with no more than 4 a day you are solid. If you mess up, pop an addictol and restart. Easy.

Special note to addictions: THEY LAST FOREVER. Yes that means even through death and the decontamination machines. Addictol and radscorpion omelet are really the only things that remove them. This feature makes the junkies build really chill and convenient to play. Also remember, getting addicted to something is the worst thing that happens to you. Once addicted, that particular chem or alcohol can be taken over and over, just watch your hunger/thirst.


Radscorpion omelet: Removes ONE addiction randomly per omelet.

Addictol: Removes ALL addictions at once.

5) What happens when you take a chem/alcohol you are addicted to?

You DO NOT LOSE your 10% Junkies damage buff when you take a chem/alcohol you are already addicted to.

Basically you get the best of both worlds. The negative effect of the withdrawal is removed for the duration and the junkies damage buff is retained.

Special note to Melee builds: This is really effective when paired with the party boy/girl perk and an alcohol addiction. You can pound alcohol left and right with no real downside, it even replenishes your thirst.

My personal Junkies Set up

I play about 75% melee, 25% ranged weapon to give you an idea, and I clean house in any PVE scenario.

I use a swing speed Junkies Grogs axe which seriously just destroys everything even with rank 1 adrenaline 3 points in slugger and a hefty +6 strength (+30% melee damage) from drinking a whiskey with party boy/girl. I also use a Junkies Gauss Rifle for those long range shots while my Junkies lever action cleans up anything mid range.


15 Strength: Traveling Pharmacy (3), Sluggers (1,1,1), Martial Artist (3), Incisor (3), Blocker (3)

6 Perception: Tank Killer (3), Riflemans (1,1,1)

3 Endurance: Radicool (1), Rejuvenated (2)

9 Charisma: Party Boy (3), Lone Wanderer (4), Field Surgeon (2)

6 Intelligence: First Aid (3), Demolitions Expert (3)

6 Agility: Action Boy (1), Adrenaline (2), Thru Hiker (3)

9 Luck: Bloody Mess (3), Class Freak (3), Starched Genes (2), Pharma Farma (1)



Bird Bones (A must with Power Armor. Mostly stops the "Super Hero Landings")

Healing Factor (Save stimpaks between fights, spam when you need them)

Herbivore (I hate cooking stuff. All I eat is raw melons. They give Food% and Water%)


Scaly Skin

Speed Demon

Talons (When I feel like using my Junkies Death Tambo or Meat Hook)

Twisted Muscles (gun accuracy with class freak is completely unnoticeable)

Adrenal Reaction (Still a nice buff to damage as your health gets eaten away)

Addictions: Alcohol, Mentats, Daddy-O, Day Tripper, Formula-P

I run around feeling tanky, not nailed down to any one play style besides having a junkies weapon. I know I can one shot most things with my axe. Ranged weapons still feel really useful on max level enemies, even with so little invested in ranged weapons. If im running low on health, my stimpaks actually feel like they are getting used. I typically still hang around at 85% health, as radicool give me strength and I get damage buff from Adrenal reaction.

Perks: The Junkies build really doesnt have good perks. But this is also what makes this build so great. You dont invest your entire SPECIAL stats into a highly specialized build, which demands a highly specialized play style. Be a free bird.

Power Armor: If you are a fallout fan, you are probably a power armor fan too. I love the CHOICE of getting to run around in my bomber jacket or my desert camo T-60. The Junkies build gives you flat damage regardless. Most low health builds cant use power armor because the serendipity perk DOES NOT WORK IN POWER ARMOR.

Its probably obvious I dont like bloodied builds, even having tried it myself. However, keep in mind the bloodied build is still kinda the undisputed max damage dealer.

I think thats it. Good luck out there you addicts.

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