A Fallout game I’d like to play – Fallout: Outback

fallout 1 - A Fallout game I'd like to play - Fallout: Outback

I got inspired by the Fallout: Subzero and the France Fallout post and I wanted to share my idea for a fallout outside of the US. Fallout: Outback, as the name suggests, is based in the Australian outback and I believe a Fallout game based in Australia could really work out. TL;DR below.

To start I’m not Australian and I'm no expert on Australian history so please correct me if I'm wrong. From my understanding, after world war 2, Australia started to integrate more and more of American culture so the 50s aesthetics can still work here. Also nuclear bomb shelters were constructed in Australia during the cold war in fear of global nuclear war. Final note Australia is fairly close to China and allied with the US so their involvement in the war is not completely implausible.

Since Australians live mainly on the coast, nuclear targets would be the coastline and people running away from the radiation would end up in the outback. The outback is a great location for a fallout game thematically because,

A) It's in the desert.

B) The main conflict will be over water/food.

C) It's not an urban area so it can be littered with tiny settlements

D) Outback's flora and fauna can bring some of the most interesting mutated creatures.

E) Nuclear tests have been done in the outback so it can be site to multiple facilities with experiments gone wrong.

F) One of the most influential post nuclear war apocalypse works is set in Australia

G) The potential for interesting factions is limitless.

A) It's in the desert. Even though the first Fallout I played was Fallout 3, when I think of Fallout I think of the desert. Could be because I’ve live in a desert so I have a stronger association with Fallouts based in the desert, could be due to the fact that I watched Mad Max way too many times or because my favourite Fallout moments are from Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas.

The desert is perfect backdrop to resource scarcity and tribalism we’ve seen in Fallout and the Australian outback also borders the Australian bush so we can have a nice mix of brown and green of beautiful scenery.

B) The main conflict will be over water/food. A major theme in Fallout games before Fallout 4 is the struggle for securing resources. It’s the water chip in 1 to provide the vault with water, the GECK in 2 to provide food. Fallout 3 was a quest for clean water after finding your dad and in New Vegas the major conflict between factions was over the dam for access to water and power.

The outback would also have the residents clashing to control limited resources as survival is challenging.

C) It's not an urban area so it can be littered with tiny settlements. I loved Fallout 4 but at times it felt claustrophobic. Having places be spread out over larger distances works better for post-apocalyptic setting. Also the urban sprawl had a lot of buildings blocking areas, getting to Goodneighbour without fast travelling always meant diverting through a maze of collapsed rubble to get to the one street that lead to it. A more open area could mean more freedom in movement.


D) Outback's flora and fauna can bring some of the most interesting mutated creatures. This point in my opinion is the biggest draw of an Australian Fallout. You have animals like the emu, koalas, kangaroos, platypuses (platypi?) and dropbears that are only found here. There are also bunch of scary animals that reside in Oceania like crocodiles, venomous snakes and spiders, and dingos. Having regular version of some of these animals in Far Cry 3 was amazing but having crazy mutations attached will just push it the next level. Not all of them are supposed to be in the outback but it’s not difficult to explain the reason for them being there especially when you have your scientists in the Fallout world doing all sorts of SCIENCE!.

E) Nuclear tests have been done in the outback so it can be site to multiple facilities with experiments gone wrong. The outback is a remote area with a history of tests being carried out in it. One of the most interesting parts of Fallout is the SCIENCE! And reading about all of the unethical testing and procedures which resulted horribly. It is not hard to explain the place having multiple secret testing facilities or government blacksites. Some of the mutated animals such as saltwater crocs that shouldn’t be here could be escaped testing subjects.

F) One of the most influential post nuclear war apocalypse works is set in Australia. I’ve already mentioned Mad Max earlier. The influence Mad Max had on Fallout is easy to see. Now Fallout is distinct enough that we don’t need this to be Fallout: Mad Max but we can see in Mad Max movies how well the post apocalypse works with the Australian backdrop. Taking parts of that as inspiration would definitely add to the game.

G) The potential for new interesting factions. One part that Fallout excels at is the colourful and diverse factions. We have tame ones like the NCR who are trying to emulate the pre-war government and then we have American football gear wearing legionnaires. We have minutemen using laser muskets and post-apocalyptic space marines. There are people who believe to be vampires and those who worship Atom. Some of these factions like the BoS, Enclave and Super Mutants are poster material for the series. Leaving the US opens up new options and shakes things up without the mainstay factions becoming stale or overdone. Some examples of what can be done with the new setting are listed below.

  • Tribes that have integrated mythos of indigenous Australians.

  • Monarchists venerating the Queen.

  • Rowdy patriots with Southern Cross tattoos and mullets.

  • A group who believe they are in Austria due to damage to a nearby sign.

  • Stranded group of Kiwis trying to return to New Zealand

TL;DR: Fallout in Australia because hunting mutated Kangaroos and Emus with Boomerangs and Holden Power Armor would kick ass.

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