A few friendly thoughts to all B.E.T.A. participants

fallout 5 - A few friendly thoughts to all B.E.T.A. participants

So, hey… While we're all super enthusiastic and excited to start playing the PC (and PS4) B.E.T.A. in less than a day now, let's all keep in mind that, while a shorter one, this is still a beta phase, and there will be bugs in the game. There will most likely be a crash here and there, and there may be disconnects as well. From watching the Xbox B.E.T.A. streams, I for one noticed that the grouping up system definitely needs some work, so there may be some issues with trying to group up with your friends, and with ending up in the same game instance. Anyway, we are all, even those of us who truly do love Bethesda games, well aware of the fact that they tend to have…some bugs in them.

With that in mind, I would personally urge people to have patience, and perspective. The official Bethesda support forums for the PC B.E.T.A. are a great place to post any bugs you find, but when doing so, please do try and see if you can find an already existing thread on said bug, so as not to overwhelm the people at Bethesda with duplicate threads. There's also a subcategory for Xbox One, as well as one for the PS4.

You can also check the Bethesda help and support site before posting a thread.

As for threads being posted on the subreddit, thus far they've been pretty amazing and informative! I would personally love it if we could keep that going. Check if there's a thread about a specific issue already posted, and if not, take a second to think through what you're about to post, and in what kind of tone. So often, when frustrated, one wants to post in a negative tone, and the post can get a bit hyperbolic, and often for no real reason too. Those kinds of threads then tend to contribute to a more negative atmosphere for everyone.


Let's post feedback on the game, both positive and negative. However, while with positive feedback it's not really that big of an issue if you get a bit hyperbolic and praise the game and Bethesda because that's how you feel, as it will most likely just make other people feel better (some people call it an "echo chamber", but that's a cop out if you ask me, as it's much more of a complex subject), with negative feedback it would be much better to be exact and precise with your complaint, and to try and avoid posting just to rant and vent, as that won't help make the game better, but it will bring everyone reading the post down, and that's a situation where no-one wins.

Let's remember that the game will be updated, bugs and issues will, at least for the most part, undoubtedly be solved, and this process will be ongoing even after the launch on November 14th. That's not where it all ends. That's where it all begins.

I hope all of you, on all platforms, who haven't yet gotten around to playing the game, have a great first B.E.T.A. experience tomorrow, and those of you who have already jumped into it on Xbox, keep continuing to have fun with it!


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