A Few Legendary Perk Ideas

fallout 4 - A Few Legendary Perk Ideas

I’m glad to hear Bethesda is delaying to rollout of Legendary perks—what was offered did not seem particularly Legendary—hopefully they will use the feedback they’ve received from community reactions to adjust this system. With that in mind here are a few Legendary Perks I’ve thought up which I think would be worthy additions. The coin costs associated with the perks below are simply in-line with the costs Bethesda has set so far…IMHO all the costs are a bit steep and should be reduced a bit.


  • Each Mutation selected loses its negative side-effects and its positives are buffed 5% per rank (Max 20%). One Mutation can be selected per each rank of Mutation-Monger (up to 4 ranks)—Does not stack with Strange in Numbers. Once a mutation is selected it is permanently assigned to Mutation-Monger. At rank 4, Mutation-Monger gains the effect of the fully ranked “Class Freak” perk.

  • R1) 50 coins—R2) 100 coins—R3) 150 coins—R4) 200 coins

  • (Explanation: basically this legendary perk allows the player to select up to 4 mutations that will have the permanent effect (while this legendary perk is slotted) of taking the corresponding mutation serum along with giving each mutation a slightly less potent buff than one would get from the “Strange in Numbers” perk as well as acting as a replacement for the Class Freak perk at max rank.)


  • Each fully ranked perk selected is permanently assigned to Perk-Rat and only one perk can be assigned from each S.P.E.C.I.A.L. section. One fully ranked perk can be selected per each rank of Perk-Rat up to 7 total.

  • R1) 25 coins—R2 50 coins—R3) 75 coins—R4) 100 coins—R5) 125 coins—R6) 150 coins—R7 175 coins

  • (Explanation: Fairly simple, this allows the player to consolidate 7 standard perks into 1 legendary perk)

Energized Mayhem

  • Gain 8% Dmg to all energy weapons (including fire and electrical dmg weapons) per each rank (up to 3). At rank 3 Energized Mayhem gains the “Meltdown” effect whereby any enemy killed with your energy dmg has a chance to explode potentially causing chain energy dmg explosions as more enemies die.

  • R1) 50 coins—R2) 100 coins—R3) 150 coins

  • (Explanation: Another straight forward perk for buffing energy weapons—including weapons like the Flamer and cattle-prod—while also bringing back the “Meltdown” effect from FoNV)

High Functioning Addict

  • Each rank of High Functioning Addict allows the user to select an addiction (up to a max of 5). When a chem is used for a selected addiction the negatives of the withdrawal effects are subdued for one hour. Each rank of High Functioning Addict adds 10 points of: DR/ER/PR/DisR to a maximum of 50 points. At max rank all Chem effects can stack but you are 50% more likely to gain a new addiction.

  • R1) 25 coins—R2) 50 coins—R3) 100 coins—R4) 150 coins—R5) 200 coins

  • (Explanation: This perk allows a more optimized Junkie build by adding in a blanket resistance to Ballistic/Energy damage, as well as poison and disease, while encouraging the player to regularly take Chems (like a Junkie) and at max rank—which is fairly expensive—giving a chem user a distinct advantage with the ability to use as many chems as the player wants…this will increase the use of chems both as buffs but also the use of addictol as well since a Junkie will likely need to clear out extraneous addictions on a regular basis.)

Mister/Mrs. Handy

  • With each rank of Mister/Mrs. Handy the player may select any “Utility Perk” (maximum of 10)…ie Hacker/Lockpick/Green Thumb/Gunsmith/Scrapper…etc, once a perk is selected it is permanently assigned to Mister/Mrs. Handy.

  • Each rank of Mister/Mrs. Handy costs 10 coins (so R10 of this perk will cost 100 coins total)

  • (Explanation: We’ve all been begging for something like this since Beta, perhaps Beth’s plans for a build-out Swap feature will make this particular perk idea useless but still…)

These are a few idea’s I’ve been mulling around for a while. Other possibilities would be adding legendary perks for particular armor types (Trapper Armor gains Bug/Mirelurk res, Raider Armor gains Player Dmg res, Robot Armor gains, you guessed it, Robot dmg res…etc etc).

I was a bit disappointed to learn that Legendary perks can’t be shared between characters on the same account but I do see the logic of it (it prevents folks from farming a toon up to LvL 50 just to for the Coin accumulation) but a simple fix would be to allow us to “tag” perks to share only between characters who’ve reached a certain LvL threshold…say 250 or 300.

The two biggest flaws I see in the current system are:

  1. High level characters will have lost a significant number of scrapable perks—and especially the gold animated perk cards—if we’d already had that perk-line maxed and gained then lost the perk when opening a perk-pack. A system to recover lost perk cards (much like the one implemented for NW) would be nice so that we have the full amount of perks available to turn into coins appropriate to our level.

  2. There is no option I’ve read about that will allow us to scrap legendary perks and recoup all our coins—this will be a vital feature should Bethesda ever add new Legendary Perks in the future.

I would like to be able to cash in my worthless Nuclear Winter Overseer Tickets for perk coins…we’ve earned them and they should have a function.

For the record I think charging us Legendary Perk Coins to re-slot legendary perks is a horrible idea.

Please feel free to comment with any Legendary perk ideas you have below, I’d love to hear them!

All Hail the Blessed Atom


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