A first playthrough Build or completionist build in fallout 4

fallout 7 - A first playthrough Build or completionist build in fallout 4

Ok let's get started: If your like me and want to cover as much as possible of the Fo4 content in one run then look no further. I gotcha covered 👌.

First of all you can't do all the content in one run… you will miss something, it always happens with Bethesda games and specially you can't end the game with all the factions. But there is a lot out there that you can't cover with normal builds:

You will encounter companions with interesting stories and personal quests, you will ally with setlements one by one and rebuild them to amazing communities, you will build robots and enchance robot companions to become better in combat, you want those nice toys like power armor and heavy guns 🔫 . You don't want to miss all that

So without much talk here's the stats and perks



"Your Special" Book – inteligence

Aquire Perception bobblehead until level 3

Aquire Charisma Bobblehead until level 30

Perk by level:

2-Bloody Mess



5-Gun Nut



8-Robotics Expert


10-Bloody Mess


12-Strong Back

13-Gun Nut



16- Nuclear Physicist


18-Nuclear Physicist


20-Robotics Expert

21-Strong Back



24-Heavy Gunner

25-Gun Nut




29-Heavy Gunner

30-Local Leader


32-Bloody Mess

33-Local Leader

34-Cap Collector

35-Heavy Gunner

36-Strong Back

37-Nuclear Physicist

38-Cap Collector

39-Gun Nut



42-Strong Back

43-Heavy Gunner

44-Robotics Expert



47-Heavy Gunner

48-Bloody Mess

49-Strong Back


Now let me break it down for you.

• Rifleman / Heavy Gunner:

You need that firepower and you need at least one weapon specialization. Were gonna go with two.. rifleman right from the start and the Heavy gunner during mid game, because you won't find that many heavy guns early on. And if you find them, ammo is gonna be a problem, BUT if you don't like to deal with all that, just pick another weapon specialization, but keep in mind that you will need some heavy damage when dealing with monsters 👹

•Bloody Mess

For that extra damage. You need to pick it first, until you take the perception bobblehead required to unlock rifleman. You will find it really early so don't worry about it 😉

• Gun Nut / Armorer / Science

Gun nut will alow you to modify your balistic weapons. This is important because it will greatly improve the effectiveness of your weapon in combat,

4 points in endurance is ok but not great! you will need some protection and Armorer is a great choice for modifying your armor AND you will need it to improve your robots to

Science is useful for modifying your energy weapons(fun weapons to have) and also will allow you to build some cool stuff in your setlements like Industrial water purifiers for money making(Google it) and a juicy generator. Also you will need science and Armorer for your power armor modifications


Pro tip: build industrial water purifiers as early as possible to cash in some caps(money) very early You will need science to be able to build them. That's why you will pick it up at level 4


IMO locksmith is better for finding good loot but Hacker is also a decent one. And you can use companions to pick locks or better, enhance your robots with locksmith mods, either way will get you covered. Early on Cait is a good lockpicker

•Strong Back / Scrapper

You will find the need for some extra materials for building or weapon modifications and scrapper is a good perk to solve the issue, but to make it work you need to loot a bunch of weapons and armors, those will take their toll on your carry weight, thats where Strong Back comes in with the extra carry weight you need

• Local Leader / Cap Collector:

This is for setlements, local leader makes your life easier when dealing with transfering materials to build your setlements and in combination with cap collector will help you build personal stores in your setlements to sell all that loot and stock up on ammo. Not to mention that you need to go out in the world and start looking for unique merchants for your level 4 stores(Google it for more info)

• Robotics Expert:

You will need this to enjoy the goodies of the automatron dlc. And also enjoy all of the companions especially Codsworth since he's pretty bad in combat. You can enhance him to become an absolute killing machine and make him worth your time. At least a little. Beware though, he can't wear hats after he is modified

Pro tip: robots are the best provisioners

Pro tip: robots are the most deadly companions

• Nuclear Physicist

This perk… this perk screams power armor and radiation weapons from the bottom of its lungs. This will improve the consumption of you fusion cores(power armor batteries) and greatly enchance radiation weapons wich are really really fun and good looking, look for kiloton radium rifle 😉

In a nutshell this build is like Tony Stark in the wasteland. Fancy armor, fancy guns, fancy robots And the ladies… oh the ladies

When it comes to factions you can go with whoever you want. But I recommend the Minutemen since IMO they have the most noble cause (and also you must know why we all hate Preston Garvey)

Overall, going with a build like this will cover a decent amount of fallout content… and its really a shame to miss out all the fun… Power armor, most of the weapons,most of the armors, companions, Setlements, ROBOTS 🤖 😳 you name it

I've spent the first 100 hours of the game continuously restarting the game trying to find the perfect build for covering as much as I can… I'm at the point where I memorized every perk name and position on the perk chart… I know the struggle and I hope I will save you from it, not having to waste your time like I did,

time is precious, cherish it!

Anyway I really hope you enjoyed this post and find it useful.

I also must mention that this build has been heavily inspired from other builds made by other players like Fudgemuppet and Oxhorn and other youtubers and fallout fans… here's just me giving some credit for their work.

Thats all. now go into the wasteland, another setlement needs you help!

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