A Friend found in the ashes of the wasteland.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - A Friend found in the ashes of the wasteland.

Tl;dr: A workshop raid takes an unexpected turn flipping foes into allies.

After a long unfortunate Scorth Beast Queen battle, I was left with few munitions and busted up weapons. I needed junk to repair my stuff, and I needed ammo to farm the junk. It was one of those days that just started off wrong. Anyhow, I figured the Munition Factory would ease the process, arming myself with a good amount of 5.56 should have had me set for the grind. I fast travel to the Cabin on the right of the factory and make my way towards the Workshop. To my surprise, a level 62 has already beat me to it and had completed the Claim before I could set foot within its boundaries.

My first thoughts were to take it over, seeing as I only had a few .45 and an almost broken Bloodied Lever Action, I figured it could suffice for the capture. I made my way into the factory with stealth, and with a light foot and a barrage of Super Mutants (Defend the workshop mission), I was able to plant myself in a good high advantage point. I went into chameleon and waited to see my foe. I take pleasure in studying my target. I try to understand the build, so I can prepare for a counter. The first blood is never a concern for the likes of me, it is the backlash of revenge that has my full focus. Now, from a PVP perspective, I know never to make judgments based on levels, because if you are level 60 or level 999, you most likely have all or enough perks to fulfill any build if you knew what you are doing, and second characters are pretty common. So I never underestimate my opponent. Until I noticed this player took a long time clearing out the Mutants. He had a pistol, and he was in X0-1 Power Armor. He was able to tank their shots, but lacked loads of DPS. Seeing this demotivated me from engaging PVP with him. He was way underprepared for a fight.

So I figured I would try to sort out my need for ammo in a more civilized manner. I would negotiate if I could take the first batch of 5.56, then leave him be. I would have settled for 50 bullets, if he was to agree, and if he refused. Well, it would no longer be in my hands. I jump down and clear the workshop from the mutants. A second wave comes by and I rush outside to clear them out, only to find them all spawn on my flank, drilling my quarter of a health build into oblivion. On my knees, without calling for help, accepting the consequences of my clumsy decisions. I see my yet to be foe staring, I figured he was most likely waiting for me to drop so that he could loot whatever junk I had. He shoots the Mutants around, but he lacked the fire power to retaliate against them. He suddenly ran towards me, with only a few seconds left to my instant spawn. He jumps in between me and the Mutants using his Power armor as a shield and stimpaks me. I lashed back up and wiped the mutants in less than one clip of my lever action. He waved and I… now in his debt. I had to swallow all my plans and show some gratitude.

I appreciate him going out of his way to help a stranger, that he most likely knew would be wrestling for the same workshop. Although, his kind actions twisted my arms to pay him back the favor. So I go to my stash box, and pull out a TSE double barrel shot gun that I used to have from the good old TSE days, which I no longer use post nerf. I figured it would take him a long way over that pistol. He was happy to receive it, we exchanged a few waves and we parted ways.


I was now moving towards the lookout tower just below the factory, searching for junk again. That is when I come by a level 168. Crouching and moving like a snake making his way to its prey. He noticed me and paused, we stared at each other for a few seconds. He pulls out a .50 machine gun, and I pull out my almost broken Lever Action. He looked like he was looking for trouble,and I am not one to turn it down. He had low health, so most likely a bloodied heavy gunner. A pro counter to the current meta, as he most likely was using this build to counter Sentinel Assassins with the stagger. He suddenly turns around and goes back to crouching and continues his journey… I wondered why he was crouching in the middle of nowhere, and where he was possibly going. I looked at the map and then it struck me. He is heading for the Munition Factory!

At first, I thought to myself, let the way of the wasteland take its natural course and worry about my own problems. Then again, the guy helped me back there, I thought the most proper way to pay back the favor would be to do the same. He was no match for this level 168, even with the shotgun I gave him. So I sent him a team invite, but he didn't accept. I needed to warn him, so I tried to fast travel, but I couldn't because of a Mole rat, that refused to come out of the ground. So I send another team invite and sprint my way to Munition Factory. I sent another invite, and continued running to the factory. I was too late, the level 168 was already there hawking the area. I finally kill the Mole rat, that followed me all the way, which resulted into breaking my Lever Action. It was done for the poor dude.

Suddenly, I am accepted into the team, but with no weapons or ammo. It was pointless. The Mole Rat took my only line of offence. Then I remembered the Super mutants that downed me were not too far. I scavenged their bodies and found x3 308 bullets. I slapped them onto my hunting rifle, right in time when the fight began. The red dot appeared on my radar and there he stood, by the Silver vein in front of the Munition Factory ready to blow away the workshop owner at sight. I couldn't VATS, because he was crouched. So I had to land a headshot, which I was trying to find an angle to pick him off from. The workshop owner comes out walking, no fucks given and gets sprayed by the level 168. He drops on his knees and the level 168 walks right upto him and before he could finish him off, I took advantage of his victory walk to send a VAT crits his way dropping him on his knees in front of the work shop owner. I stimpaked him and the moment he stood up, he blasted his body away with the TSE shotgun.

He didn't seek revenge, I held my position for the next few minutes, and the level 168 was no where to be seen. We were now even…

I4GQfdn - A Friend found in the ashes of the wasteland.


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