A friend once told me to drop a salt in that griefer’s bag.

fallout 2 - A friend once told me to drop a salt in that griefer's bag.

Tl;dr… a lv400+ dude for whatever reason began to hassle me at my base. After holding the urge to not waste my 5.56, I gunned him down and dropped salt in his little brown bag. Full story below.

Ok short version out of the way and now I will write my heart out. So I have been out of the wastelands for a few months, due to work, life and just being busy in general. I came back and it feels like a whole new game. I did alot of trade back in the day and I happened to get all the monumental weapons for a bloodied sniper. My bloodied explosive gauss rifle had a nice turn of events becoming a legacy weapon from treasure to trophy on the wall…

For those who know me, I used to be a griefer hunter. Looking for those causing mayhem and try myself against them. I never had OP armors or whatever, just a wooden chameleon leg with random stuff that had good utility and a bad @$$ bloodied explosive lever action. I had my fair share of encounters. Many being 1vteams and so. Many memorable encounters, which some of them I actually posted about back in the day. Loads found it as a good read.

Anyhow, from what it looks like. Bethesda killed the fun for the griefers. Not many go on wanted bounty nowadays. Which made me put away the big guns on pvp. Esp. That my new pvp weapon is a bloodied explosive automatic handmade on commando cards to keep up with the pvp meta as snipers died out a long time back with dps cap. Then again, 5.56 is literally as good as caps. I can't bring myself to use the handmade knowing the value of 5.56 as an alternative economy at the moment. Regardless of its value, it's easier to comeby them more than caps and my focus began to revolve around that.

So I spend my time at Harper's ferry grinding for the vendor with a bloodied pipe rifle lol. Can 1 shot most, but has so many disadvantages compared to my other weapons. But it is efficient as f and I have it on .38, so super eco mode grinding for legendaries, caps, 5.56 and dumping the non legendary items at the vendor until the 1400 stash is out. Now I met a dude doing the same grind. We had a chat and I saw his backpack. I then noticed that everyone was running around with one like it. So I asked him about it and he told me it gives 30 carry weight. That was the moment the whole game just flipped upside down. 30 carry weight is alot in my overencumbered eyes. I ask him how to get it and his response kind of told me what to expect with only a few words. He just said "aghh sigh… ok. Just head to the pioneer scout camp ". I thanked him and with the speed of lightning, I was there.

I finish the first three steps with ease, and was curious as to why he seemed frustrated about it. Then I reached the "Growth" bit. I took the athletes and the archer which were tedious but easy. The third on the other hand costed at least 4 hours. It was the herpetologists. I had no idea how hard it was to find the tourist and the camera, or how effin rare radtoads were until I took up this quest.


It was painful and involved alot of server hopping. Amidst this frustration of one tedious task after the other. I ran into what I never thought I would meet. A griefer lol. Now I don't understand exactly what put him off with me, but I met him twice. The first being him coming to my vendor and the second when I tried to server hop and ended up back in the same server. Though when I came back in, I was barraged with shots before I could even load in. Now to be clear, I waited for him to finish his business before I server hopped. He then stood afk next to my base and didn't respond to any emotes or area chat. I disconnect and log back in and the hassle began.

The guy was shooting none stop and bashing away like the old times, though no chip damage so I completely ignored as I figured he would just stop. I mean he is shooting 5.56, then again he is lvl400+ so maybe he had billions already. He just kept shooting away until he moved to dropping this mine that did +2 rads despite not in pvp. He dropped loads of them and apparently it startled nearby enemies which didn't allow me to fast travel. I got fully distracted by his hassle forgetting that I dropped into the same server and it would be pointless doing the rotation for the tourist locations on the same server. I ended up trying to continue my search.

Then it struck me. This guy wants to initiate pvp so he could destroy my base lol and I reached to a point that I need to deal with him. I swapped out the rifle perks for commando and pulled out the handmade. First, I needed to make sure he doesn't destroy my base, so i went inside my house and closed the door. He anxious to grief me picked the lock and became wanted. Just what I needed to avoid revenge on my base. So then I took him away from the base making it like I was afraid to engage, running a bit and waiting for him to follow. Once we were at the cliff side. I turned around and began to prepare for engagement.

Now realistically speaking, he seemed confident that he had the upper hand in the fight. Im a bloodied build, and his build must have been either a junkies or furious/antiarmor on commando. Cuz he had full health. So he knew I would need at least 3-5 shots (in case he had damage mitigation perks, could be more) to get through his health while he would just need one to put me down. So I needed a proper opening giving I had only this as an advantage. So his confidence makes him pull out a meat hook, which was his ultimate mistake. That was my oppurtunity and I took it right away spraying him down in the blink of an eye. He opens his mic and he wasn't speaking english. He was shouting as he lied on the floor. I move towards his body as he barraged me with shouts in anger. I recalled advice from a friend and went to his little bag. I went through my items as I wanted to drop a screw in his bag. Instead I found I had some salt. Gold for the moment. I slipped that baby in his bag, and left to continue the agony of the tadpoles pioneer scouts.

2 hours later, I got the backpack and now I am happy as F with the additional carry weight. I will always make sure to keep some salt in my bag. Just incase another griefer decides to piss on the wrong tree. As for the griefer, rumor has it that he is still waiting to seek revenge while grasping tightly on his salty reward.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

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