a guide on where to find all the power armor plans, and how to become a Power Armor smith part 3

fallout 7 - a guide on where to find all the power armor plans, and how to become a Power Armor smith part 3

part1 https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/diji9v/discussion_a_guide_on_where_to_find_all_the_power/

part 2 https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/dijjew/discussion_a_guide_on_where_to_find_all_the_power/

Lets finish this up by taking about the things you will want to have to make power armor, how to use your camp to help you, junk and where to find the junk you are most likely to run out of, and how to effectively sell power armor.

you will want these perk cards, green thumb, super duper perk, fix it good, power patcher, power smith. Scrapper can be helpful too, but is not necessary.

You will want Green thumb for picking flux in nuke zones, as it doubles who much raw flux you can get, Super duper for when you make the flux, as it gives you 30% chances to get one extra stable flux when you craft one, and crafting in general, fix it good as it it will let you repair power to 200% repaired, power patcher as it makes it cheaper to repair power armor, and power smith as it make it makes it cheaper to make power armor and lets you make power armor at 200% repaired.

You will also want to have at least 6 special points in intelligence in order to use both fix it good and power patcher at the same time

Now I am going to take a moment here to talk about power armor and getting it to 200% repaired.

When selling and making power armor you always want to get it to 200% repaired.

there are two ways to get power to 200% repaired.

the first way is to repair armor that is at less then 100% repaired while having the fix it good card equipped.

The second way is to build power armor from scratch with the power smith card equipped, while also having an intelligence of at least 20. There are lot of ways to rase your intelligence, but the most effective and reliable way in my option is to have a full set of unyielding armor.

unyielding armor is great for making power armor and lots of other things too. unyielding armor lets you gain up to + 3 to all stats except endurance when low health. This means with a full set you can rase your intelligence by 15 points and all you will needs is a reliable way to hurt your self at your camp to use it.

You do not need a good set of unyielding armor either. Even one star, and low level pieces are just fine for making power armor, and after you get a full set you can slowly add better pieces as you go if you want to.

A casual shielded lining is great for this, it adds + 3 intelligence intelligence, which complements a set of unyielding armor nicely, or a shielded lining vault suit also adds + 2 intelligence, is good too, and is easy to get as you unlock it from following the overseer quest.

Lets talk about using your camp to your advantage

if you are going to make power there are two big things your camp can do for you.

It can make you scrap by setting up at a spot that has an extractor. I recommend a junk extractor as constantly getting things like screws plastic oil springs and aluminum. Which is very help full. A aluminum extractor is also not a bad choice, but any extractor will be helpful.

if you have the atoms for it you can now also set up a scavenger collectron station, for even more junk at your camp. it can found in the atom shop.

Here is a Youtube account that covers an extensive number of good camp sites with extractors. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR4bzGpgMqMaPdtEly_2mMg/videos

The second way that your camp can be a big help is by making you lots of adhesive. Vegetable starch can be scrapped for two adhesive each, and can be crafted from purified water, corn, mutfruit, and tatos. All of which can be farmed at your camp site. You just need to set up some industrial water purifiers, or small water purifiers if your camp does not have a water source, and plant some corn, mutfruit, and tatos at your camp. I have 12 of each at my camp, but you can do more or less depending on your needs. you may also want to hide or wall off your crops as people can harvest them with out your permission. Though most people will not do this, and it is not that much a problem most of the time.

you could also use vending machine in your camp to sell modded power armor, but power is very heavy when not on a frame so I wound not do this unless you have lots of stash space, and would focus on selling calibrated shocks legs if you want to do this, as those will be the best selling parts.

A better idea may be to set up advertisements on or by you vending machine telling other players about your power armor modding services. The small letters plan is easy enough to come by and would work nicely for this.

You will need lots of different kinds of junk to make power lets go over it all.

here is the full list of the junk that can be need to make or mod a piece of power armor.

All of the 5 different stable flux. adhesive, aluminum, antiseptic, asbestos, ballistic fiber, black titanium, ceramic, copper, circuitry, fiberglass, fiber optics, gears, glass, gold, nuclear material, oil, plastic, rubber, screws, silver, springs, steel, and Ultracite.

Let go over some of the junk you will runout of the most and where are some good spots to get it staring with stable flux.

violet flux is the flux you will need the most of, everyone wants calibrated shocks. Jetpacks and emergency protocols are big sellers as well.

crimson flux is the flux you will need the second most of, as targeting hud is what almost everyone want on their helmet.

cobalt flux, yellowcake flux, and fluorescent flux are roughly tied for 3d with each other.

To get these flux you are going to need to go in to nuke zones and gather up 10 raw flux of what ever kind of stable flux you are trying to make, and 1 hardened mass, 1 glowing mass, and 1 high radiation fluid, and take them to a


Now there are lot of places on the map to nuke fro flux but I am going to just mostly talk about the two main ones people seem to nuke and what you can get from them.

Fissure site prime, you can get lots of violet flux and crimson flux here, and some fluorescent flux, a little bit of yellowcake flux, and a good amount of enemies for hardened mass, glowing mass, and high radiation fluid.

Whitespring, you can get tons of fluorescent flux here, a good amount of yellowcake flux, and a little bit of cobalt flux and crimson flux, and lots of enemies for hardened mass, glowing mass, and high radiation fluid.

Once in awhile someone will nuke vault tec university, this is a good place to get some cobalt flux.

People also sometimes nuke Harpers ferry, this is another good place to get some violet flux. You always need violet flux.

Also reloading the map usually get the enemies to respawn so you can get more hardened mass, glowing mass, and high radiation fluid.

now lest talk some of the normal junk you will need a lot of and where to get it.

I am not going to go over every kind of junk, but i am add to this in the future.

Adhesive, other then making it at your camp, pick up al the glue, duct tape, and vegetable starch you can.

Aluminum, Quarry X3 has lot of aluminum cans and blasting caps. Top of the world has lots of ski poles to pick up. Harpers ferry has coolant caps in all of the ac units.

Black titanium, Deathclaw island is good for farming Black titanium, or any place with lots of mole miners

Ceramic, Whitespring golf club is good for ceramic just pick up all the plats and vases.

Rubber, here is a youtube video the goes over great place to get rubber

Screws, here is a youtube video the goes over good places for screws

Ultracite, glassed cavern is a good place to get Ultracite.

Also keep in mind that workshops can be a good why to help get alot of this junk. And buying or find mods in the world can save on the junk. some good places to find free power armor mods are, forward station delta, camp venture, and crevasse dam.

Finally lets talk about effectively selling power armor.

First make you post clear and detailed. I see lots of post the look something like this “ H: power armor W: caps” with no further information in the post.

You want to list all of the mods the power amor has on it, what it is painted with if it is painted, and how much you want for it.

You can ask for cap offers, and you make get lucky and get a great offer by doing that, but I have found that it is better to just list the amount of caps you want up front rather then dancing around waiting for a good offer.

One of the great things about power armor is you know what you put in to it, both time wise and scarp wise. It is not a legendary weapon or armor that you found and may never find again, You made the power armor and you can make it again. So you can figure out what it is worth to you.

Also adding some details about the strengths of the power you are selling can help a lot, as does making sure to let everyone know the frame is included, and having a full fusion core is a nice little touch you can add to help sell any power armor.

here is an example of a post I made about a T51B that sold with in half an hour.

H: level 50, 200% repaired, fully modded t51b power amor W: caps

I have a level 50, 200% repaired t51b power amor suit with calibrated shocks, optimized bracers, targeting hud, reactive plates, bright headlamp, and painted with the nuka cola plant. on sale for 2500 caps

the t51b has the best damage resistance and energy damage resistance of any power in the game, and this one is built for combat, and fully modded top of the line. and at a great price.

a great chose for PVP if you can't get/afford assassin sentinel armor. or want a good alternative/back up to assassin sentinel armor. and great for hard PVE fights like the scorchbeast queen, or new arktos pharma event.

Now this was at a very good price as I got some of the mod for free, but it is still a good example of a clear descriptive post, that sold the power amor quickly and for what I wanted for it.

Getting your karma up can also help you to sell power amor more effectively. it helps to show you can be trusted and replied upon.

a good way to do this is to offer to mod other players power armor for free if they provide the materials. It is also a nice thing to do.

You can also do lots of small jobs here and there. Add a mod or two, make some arms, legs chests, and helmets for other players. doing these things can add up fast to your karma.

If you are having a hard time getting your power armor suit to sell, bundling it with a gun or and outfit can be a good way to help move it out the door.

Lastly treat your costumers well and you will likely have lots of repeat business. By having good prices and by being as has helpful as I can when people have questions about power, and what they should get on their power armor. I have had a ton of repeat costumers. Which now makes up around one third of my business.

And thats is the end of the guide, hopefully it was useful to some of you out there, and if anyone has any questions ask way. I will try to answer them when I can, and if you have anything useful to add please do.

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