A history of raiders, raider culture and their modus operandi

fallout 3 - A history of raiders, raider culture and their modus operandi

Hello fellow wastelanders! Today pleasant valley would like to send an emissary to the other factions to share culture and history.

Please don't shoot the messenger.

Raiders have a storied history in fallout, literally being one of the first groups one encounters from the outset of fallout 1. The history of these raiders is well documented and fairly in depth.

From vault 15 in California 4 groups set out, 3 of which were hostile and didn't agree with the others for varying reasons. This was intentional, as vault Tec had deliberately stocked vault 15 with individuals predisposed to disagree. These groups were;

The jackals

The vipers

And the khans, which have the most in depth story associated.

Based on ghengis khan the khans were vicious in their attacks on shady sands. Killing stealing and enslaving those weaker than them until the ncr got together. Once that happened the jackals and vipers got brutalized into submission and the khans moved further and further east with a nomadic Mongolian inspired lifestyle. This continued until the bitter springs massacre, which reduced the khans to petty drug runners and smugglers. Proud of their heritage, the khans will still accept newcomers to their ranks, though you need to show you're tough enough.

FALLOUT 2 Fallout 2 expands on the theme of lawlessness with the khans making a return appearance as "The great khans" and organized crime taking the forefront. Between prostitution, slavery, and restarting the pornography industry, fallout 2 has a much more "godfather" feeling for its criminal empires.

The slavers were almost universally hated, with the ncr rangers calling them the "scum of the earth." They sport iconic facial tattoos to mark one as a member, and as a warning to potential prey.

Dishonorable mention: the Enclave. Kidnapping, murder, unethical experimentation, and a plan to enact genocide on a scale unseen since the great war. They make even raiders go "dude, take some med-x chill"

FALLOUT 3 Being the first Bethesda fallout, and the first on the east coast, fallout 3 features a fair number of criminal organizations, from talon company to generic raiders, to eulogy Jones in paradise falls running the capital wasteland slave trade, to Alistair tenpenny having shadowy agents like mr. Burke.

Talon company is the best allegory to the gunners, high end military gear, just beneath using power armor and more energy weapons (they do occasionally use plasma, but mostly Chinese assault rifles) they're described by three dog as there being no job too dirty to handle.

The generic raider groups are usually criminals that have been cast out of communities and are forced to fight kill and steal to survive. They usually function along the lines of most gangs, with addiction and violence a way of life.

Eulogy Jones on the other hand. That guy has his organization on lock. Successfully running a slave trade and keeping his slavers on a good short leash through brutal punishment or enslavement to those who challenge him. He's running an export business selling a slave labor force to the Pitt. More on that in a minute.

Finally Alistair Tenpenny, dude fancies himself king of the wasteland, having his "agents" like Burke exert his will at a distance. He's also fond of taking pot shots at the "lower class" that pass by his tower.

DLC mention. One of the best moral quandaries of fallout 3 is deciding the fate of the Pitt. You've got a fallen brotherhood knight, commanding legions of raiders, overseeing hordes of slaves that toil until they drop in the irradiated rusted out hulk that is post war Pittsburgh. On the surface it sounds like you should kill this raider king for the good of the wasteland. Until he explains his side. He's rebuilding the steel industry in Pittsburgh, making usable rails to travel by again, in addition to researching a cure for the local disease "trogs" by being willing to use his own daughters genetic template as she has a unique mutation giving complete radiation immunity, similar to a child of atom. Is the suffering of the individual

Worth the prosperity of the group eventually? This is the choice the player is presented with.

Honorable mention. TUNNEL SNAKES RULE!

Moving on, I'm going to skip the families of new Vegas, as they're all essentially subordinates to mr. House, and function as organized crime rather than raider tribes. The exceptions to this are the previously covered khans, and the chem addicts of Vegas known as the fiends. Three card bounty introduces us to some notable members, including cook-cook. A notorious raider he's known for burning anything he can't fuck.

Caesars legion is an interesting take. They are a stand alone nation created using classic raider methods. Kill those that resist, absorb those that are useful, disregard the remaining. However they also regard lawlessness as intolerable, and hunt down raider groups like the khans. I'd personally peg them as lawful evil rather than the chaotic nature of raiders.


Moving onto fallout 4, the gangs of the commonwealth were aware of each other, jockeying for dominance and territory, and will comment as the sole survivor takes them out one by one. They've got back stories and goals. objectives and histories. Red Tourette and tower Tom being two perfect examples. You could gun these two groups down without a second thought, but if you read their history you start humanizing them, choosing which side you would've supported. The libertalia group is also a perfect example, as they used to be minute men.

The gunners take the place of talon company, a well organized, well equipped mercenary force willing to take on any job regardless of morality. Kid in a fridge is a perfect show of this. They're more than happy to conduct business peacefully, and willing to buy the property their interested in, rather than just take. (This might have to do with not wanting to risk damaging the goods) the fact that the gunners are also one of the only non-nation level factions with access to vertibirds is worth noting as well.

DLC: The rust devils show off a raider tribe with a focus on high technology, and bastardizing it into whatever monstrosity serves their needs.

The trappers of far harbor take on a more Wildman survivalist take, with each trapper mostly looking out for themselves with a few exceptions of larger groups.

Finally nuka world is entirely raider owned. The three gangs holding the park jockey for position, and the player character chooses which one to eliminate. They each represent cliches to raiders;

sadistic killers that kill for no reason other than their victims screams

Greedy bottom dollar opportunists

And old school tribalism.

There is also the option to simply annihilate the lot, but that robs the player of most of the rewards and quests of the content.

Honourable mention: Don't mess with the cats jack!

Moving onto FO76 and the raider clans of Appalachia. In the 25 years since the bombs dropped 5 major gangs grew out of the wealthy elitists on holiday at the resorts. Personally with how stuck up the residents holotapes depict them, and the fact they had access to a year of survival training at the resort, i think most raiders started off at the whitespring and moved up the mountain following the events of the Christmas drowning. The 5 gangs are:

The diehards. Greaser jacket wearing chem dealers that tried not to kill unless absolutely necessary.

The trappers. A rehash of the survivalist mentality, personally i like how their camps are kept out in the woods with very little for disturbing the environment. Easier to hide when its just tents and a campfire to snuff.

The cutthroats. These are the guys that everybody feared. They'd kill just as soon as look at ya, because who knows what goodies you've got on ya. Probably the best source for "previously owned loot… mostly blood free"

Gormands. Now these guys. What is it about the apocalypse that gets people hungry for some long pig? The amount of wendigos in the wastes can probably be tossed at their feet. The two leaders are actually confirmed to have changed.

Finally the Blackwater bandits. Sneaky enough to steal a crate of mini nukes from the brotherhood. Personally i like these guys as Freddie Lang presents an interesting character to become a raider boss. A lesbian, she managed to keep a group of sneak thieves under her thumb, but also managed to instill a modicum of respect to women, shutting down any hints of sex crimes and shutting down any attempts to whoo her. In her own words "the guys don't even try making a pass at me anymore" despite her moderate nature, that didn't stop her and the other members from beating a member to death for poisoning and eventually killing all the other members.

And there you have it. A condensed history of raider tribes, cultures, and stances.

TL:DR raiders are the largest and most diverse group of characters and players in the fallout universe. The only thing tying them together would be their inherently chaotic nature.

What's the point of this wall of text? Raider players have, by far, the most freedom to create characters that are more than two dimensional. A vault dweller that gets an addiction and it spirals from there, a wastelander tired of getting ripped off themselves, even just a greedy bigot like dukhov in fallout 3. There's a definable reason for hostility in role play, but not in discussing a game we all enjoy. I fully understand that nobody buys a game to be a victim. They might wanna be the power armored baddass brotherhood knight, or the sneaky stealth sniper killing everything with a silent rifle. Or they might also want to be a member of the new rust devils, or hunt the most dangerous game as a player trapper.

This is a request, to the mods and the community, to keep the hostility and toxicity where it belongs. In role play fantasy on the internet. Not in discussing our shared hobby and pastime.

This has been a message from r/falloutraiders

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