A huge write-up of datamined future content (MASSIVE Spoilers)

fallout 8 - A huge write-up of datamined future content (MASSIVE Spoilers)

I've been getting into datamining and know quite a few other dataminers, and together we've been able to conjure very interesting info pertaining future content, including gameplay and story.


Contrary to a somewhat popular belief, there IS a real Sheepsquatch coming, as opposed to the imposter you can fight right now. Through datamining we have been able to discover its gameplay, model, and related event.

  • The Sheepsquatch will have four attacks, an
    4SYpFZm - A huge write-up of datamined future content (MASSIVE Spoilers)unarmed melee attack, a kick attack, a poison attack, and finally a
    quill shooting attack. It has several unique animations, and cannot be pacified.
  • Thanks to a Russian Fallout discord, we are able to see what
    vTWF3WF - A huge write-up of datamined future content (MASSIVE Spoilers)the Sheepsquatch will look like as a result of putting it's model on a Deathclaw. They both share the same skeleton, so it won't look much different in-game, if at all.
  • The Sheepsquatch will ship with an event called "Free Range". The event will consist of herding and protecting a group of Brahmin to an enclosure. The Sheepsquatch of course will be the antagonist for this event. This event will drop an improved repair kit.
  • It will ship as a regular cryptid as well as the event.
  • There are three variants: Toxic, Noxious, and Necrotic
  • As for when it'll be activated and in-game, there is currently a challenge to take a picture of a Sheepsquatch, so I'm assuming with the next 7 days.

Ever Upwards:

Fortunately for you all, I have a lot of info how Ever Upwards will play. It's shipping with two new dailies, an event, and a whole new quest-line to roleplay being a scout.

  • The scout quests will involve you rising through the ranks of the Pioneer scouts across its few camps, namely Camp Lewis and Camp Adams. It'll start out with "Order of the Tadpole" where you join the Pioneer scouts and enter its first rank, the tadpoles. In order to rise up through the ranks you will have to gain merit badges and participate in camp activities, IE dailies and the new event. The next rank after tadpoles is the possum scouts.
  • The troop is made entirely out of robots, with a Mr.Handy named Jaggy being the scoutmaster.
  • Named merit badges you can get are first aid, cooking, and archery. Archery is interesting because there is a bow and arrow weapon that has been in the files since launch, and it looks like its coming with this update. Keep in mind there is obviously more merit badges than these.
  • Daily: Stings and Tings, and Daily: Operation Tidy are two dailies that involve you maintaining the scout camp. Stings and Tings being you eliminating bugs, and operation tidy being you cleaning up junk.
  • Event: Campfire Tales is going to be the new event we get, and in my opinion going to be one of the best in-game. It is a large choose your adventure/ Dungeons and Dragons type event that is operated at night by a robot at the camp and involves everyone participating. To put it simply, the robot will narrate a story that has many different splits and endings, and when it gets to a choice or crossroads everybody in the event will vote on what happens. The option with the most amount of votes is put into the story, and it continues onward. This happens at Camp Adams
  • Here is a lot of the dialogue that will be in Ever Upwards: Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2 Dialogue 3
  • TINY Snippet of Campfire Tales

Arktos Pharma Lab

The Arktos Pharma lab is my personal favorite piece of content coming in the future, as by the looks of it looks both challenging and interesting. It's going to be a high level area hosting the event "Project: Paradise", and has lots of cool stuff with it.

  • The story is as follows: Arktos Pharma was trying to make a perfect habitat for life to co-exist in, and the project to do so was called project paradise. Along the way they attempted to create several serums that would pacify animals and allow them to co-exist. They also performed experiments on animals to acheive all this, sometimes turning them intoi mutated and dangerous versions. The place where these experiments happened was called The Chasm. Unfortunately, after the bombs fell communications with the outside world went silent and the scientists below sent out scouts to the surface to see what happened. Soon after they opened their doors a horde of ghouls was able to enter the facility, and started to terrorize the scientists. In an attempt to modify the security system to target ghouls, the targeting protocols were removed and the automated security throughout the facility targeted humans as well, killing them all. Somehow, the security system was taken down and replaced with an ordinary robot, who since then keeps on trying fruitlessly to complete project paradise. He eventually sends out a distress signal, and has the 76 dwellers help him complete the project.
  • The gameplay will consist of multiple stages. First you defend groups of animals against waves of enemies coming from The Chasm, and eventually delivering them to the correct habitats. Secondly you deliver the correct foods and formulas to the correct animals. These two stages seem to be broken into smaller individual pars, so the event will ring true to a more traditional dungeon.
  • We are getting new plants and items from this, namely RadKelp and other unnamed chems and plants.
  • The Arktos dungeon is the one shown in the Wild Appalachia trailer, aside from The Burrows.
  • As for when this comes, maybe after Ever Upwards, just as the burrows came after Shear Terror.
  • Arktos Pharma Dialogue: Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2 Dialogue 3 Dialogue 4
    Dialogue 5
    1Vy5qWu - A huge write-up of datamined future content (MASSIVE Spoilers)Dialogue 6
    Dialogue 7


    "To anyone out there, this is Dr. Christina Bryan. I'm a botanist employed at a classified laboratory deep underneath the Arktos Pharma facility.

We were down here when the bombs fell. We held out as long as we could before sending people to the surface to find out what the hell happened.

That was a mistake. There was nothing up there except death, and these… ghoulish creatures. They got down here somehow and started taking us out, one by one.

Our last remaining technician tried to program the security force to recognize these creatures as a threat, but it seems he disabled their targeting parameters instead.

They… they started killing everything. Eight of us have locked ourselves in the lower generator room. If you hear this, please… come and save us. Before it's too late." (This text was too spread out to screencap so I just manually copy and pasted)

Legendary Vendor

The Legendary Vendor seems to come with legendary power armor, and also seems to move locations.

Legendary Vendor Locaations

Legendary Power Armor

Nuclear Winter

So we actually know something quite interesting about this. Through datamining, we are actually able to see the transcription of the prologue holotape.

  1. <Sound of a large crate lid opening, someone getting out and coughing, and the crate closing>
  2. <coughing, slow heavy breathing>
  3. (He's slowly becoming aware of his surroundings and the devastation of the world for the first time while trying to catch his breath.)
  4. Speaker – Babylon01_NPCM_REDACTED ""
  5. My god.
  6. (Quick, under his breath almost. He's a bit shocked.)
  7. Where … the hell … am I?
  8. (Where <short pause> the hell <short pause> am I?)
  9. Doesn't matter. Where was the other one again?
  10. Tower. River. Fork.
  11. (A slight pause between each word.)
  12. The hike from Morgantown was short, but it taught me all I needed to know.
  13. This part of the world is over. Might as well be the entire world from the looks of it.
  14. Makes my mission easier and simpler now.
  15. <sigh> I swear on every soul it took. Every soul I took. That I'm gonna unplug that goddamned bucket of bolts.
  16. (Talking to himself at this point. A bit quieter, more resolved.)
  17. Tinman mentioned Reclamation Day. I have to find them. Have to go north.

Babylon seems to be the inside codename for Nuclear Winter, as it pops up a lot in the files. The bucket of bolts in reference could be MODUS, as it killed everybody in the Enclave, and this could be a member that managed to escape. This would make sense, as the speaker seems to be shocked at the look of the outside world, and a lot of the Enclave members stuck it out in the bunker since the beginning of the war, and never really saw the outside.

Vault 94 and 96

The story for 94 is a bit sad. The people who populated Vault 94 were religious and non-violent as possible, and when the bombs fell they sent out ambassadors to gain attention to the vault. Their goal was to turn it into a safe haven where people could have free supplies and a place to live. Unfortunately, raiders showed up and killed everybody there. On the way out, the raiders shot the GECK that the vault had, and it exploded, resulting in the creation of the Mire. There are 3 datamined holotapes, all in two images of out of order dialogue.
Image 1
Image 2

In Vault 96 a skeleton crew of six people maintained a large array of cryopods which contained plants, spores, and wildlife. The evil vault-tec experiment however, was that all six had radical social archetypes. One of the scientists was a sociopath, one an extreme invert, one an extreme extrovert. The crew also had grudges against their roles, IE the scientist tasked with doing experiments on the animals is a huge animal rights activist, one person who studied space their whole life is forced to evaluate biological reports, etc. This conflict of people types leads to the pods malfunctioning, and the contents mutating and killing everybody in the vault.

If you have any questions, please ask me!

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