A level 45 was being farmed at his workshop and called me for help. Another tale in the wasteland.

fallout 3 - A level 45 was being farmed at his workshop and called me for help. Another tale in the wasteland.

Tl;dr, A level 45 was being farmed by a sniper at his workshop, and I intervene into the longest 1v1 I ever had.

I was exploring the recipes at my camp, I was trying out different recipes to see their benefits and how they could benefit me in my journeys. That is when something odd happens. I received a team invite from a random player on the server. In my case, I always refuse random team invites, because they usually attract griefers. I am on a wanted list by another Community, and they have been trying to reach out to me, so they could blow up my base or wreck me up for caps. I have had a few encounters with them before, and they were not successful in their attempts, and for that reason, they keep on coming every now and then. So, I keep looking over my shoulder, which is why I also mainly crouch at my camp. I always aim to keep my Camp and whereabouts in the shadows.

I ignore the first few invites, while I searched the map for his location. Just to get an idea of what may be going on. Then I found him by the Red Rocket station workshop… at first, it seemed suspicious, griefers usually use low levels as bait… so I figured it is best to just ignore… I watched his icon on the map, and it suddenly moved from the left side of the workshop to the right. He got killed apparently, I figured it was a plea for help. The team invite was still active, I join up and right away he springs out on the mic. Saying "Yo yo yo bro! You gotta help me? Don't leave. Wait and hear me out!!! My workshop is haunted by an Asshole, and he took all my junk, and he is still lurking around. If you kill him, I don't mind if we split my junk halfways." I first told him that I do not need his junk or anything, and I would not mind helping out. He was excited that I joined. I tell him before I come. I need more details on your "Haunted" claims. He tells me that all he knew was that he is level 126,and can 1 shot from the sky lol. He doesn't know where the shots are coming from and has been killed at least 5 times until now. I thought to myself… Chameleon… Sniper… Bloodied.

So if I was to challenge this Sniper, it would be who sees who first wins. As both of us can't VATS, as we both will be crouching. The first thing I needed to do was to confirm his location, considering he is already in position. So I tell the level 45 to walk around the premises of the Work Shop. From left to right, but while keeping his distance from the Workshop. I suspected the sniper was near the WorkShop boundaries, waiting for the level 45 to come to the workshop, so he could claim, kill, and walk out of the workshop, allowing him to reclaim the workshop for more farming kills. The level 45 did as I said and walked around the premises at distance. While he did this, I watched the map. I wanted the Sniper to lose an angle on the level 45, forcing him to reposition. This did not take long until the Sniper icon popped on the map, and he was near the top right part of the workshop, by the cliffs.

Now, I told the level 45 to wait out of the workshop and then step in to encourage the sniper to claim, and then run out from the left, using the structure on his right as cover. I moved in from the right of the Sniper, crouching, I had a good overlook on the workshop, although he wasn't to be seen anywhere. I wanted to use a berry mentat, but that would have given away my position and eliminate the element of surprise. So I waited patiently, while the level 45 carefully moved in.

It was all calm and silent. Nothing happening, and the level 45 said that he thinks he is gone and he will go on with it… before, he could finish that line. The claiming begins, and we were both dropped into PVP with our unseen enemy. I tell the level 45, to not move. Considering he was still alive, the sniper didn't have a shot on him, but chose to claim knowing he was close. I watch from the blocked angles of the level 45, and I kept my focus on the left side of the workshop. I tell the level 45 to quickly tuck in the workstation. I was confused because last I remembered, the sniper was on the Right side of the cliff. He claimed the workshop, so he had to move in, which I couldn't see when he managed to get in. Now my instincts are forcing me to believe that he is on the left because he didn't have a shot on the level 45.


I moved in closely and silently, watching the left side of the cliff, that is when my radar picked up a flash of his red dot to my right. He was moving as he repositioned. I took cover by a dumpster. I changed my view to the third person and watched over the cliffs. I took one step to the left of the dumpster, and he shot right by my side missing a clean headshot, and I ran back into cover. He was using a hunting rifle, otherwise, he would have followed with another shot. I found myself stuck under his aim. The hunter… now being hunted. For he had the full advantage of the situation, so I needed to gain some ground and get out of his line of sight. So I tell the level 45 to throw whatever explosives he has to the far back of the workshop. He through a pumpkin grenade, which made a blatant explosive sound to the point it was depressing… I tell him to throw something with a bigger bang. He had an orbital strike… and he asked if that would work… Yes… ofcourse it would lol…So he throws it by center. Once the explosion began to land. I sprinted into the structure. Allowing myself the same leverage he had against me.

Suddenly, the level 45 shouts that he is behind me and makes a run for it towards the left of the station, keeping the vehicles on the road as his cover as he ran as I told him earlier. I doubted his claim that the sniper was after him, because he would have been dead if he had him in his line of sight. However, I figured he panicked from the red dot appearing on his radar. So, I concluded that the target was now somewhere nearby the level 45. He must have been using a stealth boy to keep his stealth while moving around. Once I passed by a truck on the main street in front of the Red rocket, I took a body shot, dropping me to a slither of health. I stimpak myself, and once again… caught under his line of sight. Crouched behind the truck out of options to counter with. I figured it would now be the best time to use a berry mentat and drop the fight in the shadows. Even then, he would still most likely gain the first shot.

When another idea crossed my thoughts. I ran towards that pumpkin house. I recall a scorch beast usually roams in that area. So I kept the vehicles to my right and sprinted from one vehicle to the other. He was firing away but missed every time I lunged out. Until we reached the end of the line, where there were no more vehicles to take cover by.

I sat on the very end and watched his red dot move straight to the other side. I then see the Scorch beast in the distance. I fire a few shots and get a hit mark on it and it circles around towards us. Once it reached us, the first thing it did was the Acid dive. I took a stimpak, and watched around the other side of the vehicle. Now the scorch beast was on the other side as well, because of the Acid Dive's linear path. Now the Sniper had its aggro, and was taking the scorch beast's sonic blasts as he battled for his life from it. He pushed out of his position, and with the impact of the scorch beast's projectiles, I pinpointed him and shot straight into the explosions. That is when the ghost took his retirement, fell to his knees, and accepted his fate. I finished off the beast and ran and collected his junk. I was over-encumbered, so I tell the level 45 to server hop with me, because I could not put up with another fight with this sniper being over-encumbered. I would most likely risk losing his junk in the seeking revenge.

So we meet up in the next server, I drop him the junk and he insisted that I take some of it, but I refused, becaue this 1v1 was far more than what I was looking for. The mission was accomplished, the ghost was down and the level 45 got his junk back, and I returned to cooking my carrot and corn soup.


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