A list of things to spend caps on when you are at the end of the game (Tips for newer people too)

fallout 4 - A list of things to spend caps on when you are at the end of the game (Tips for newer people too)

I probly don't have everything but I'm not sure. But we should make a list. I have resorted to finding low level players inside their camps telling them to put any item inside of their vendor for 20k caps. Otherwise they are going to waste. I'm tired of hiding my power generator so my camp doesn't appear on the map. Giving away caps is bad for Bethesda. Less people are going to work for things and people will reach the point where there is nothing left to do much faster. Its in their best interest to add more things to spend caps on. I have all the Flux in the world and I'm bored. So figure we should all make a list.

  • As with all vendors just because you've visited them once doesn't mean you've seen all they have. It's always a good idea to check the plans every time you visit a vendor. You never know if one day one plan you don't have will pop up. It seems random what they have to offer

  • Inside of Whitespring there are a ton of vendors. As mentioned before it's always a good idea to check in every now and then because something new can pop up you don't have.

And thats it lol. It sucks when you can server hop 5 times, go to every camp and find nothing to buy. I've stopped doing it because it gets boring so that's why I started to just give them away. I feel I'm at the point Bethesda thought I would of given up the game by now. But I'm not. How are we spending caps!?


It would be nice to have something to work towards. It's like Bethesda said "They will stop playing by then so who cares" instead of having anything. I thought of having every vendor in the game sell something for 20k caps. For each piece you need to go do something. Might take 5 hours but you can always come back to resume it. Once you get all pieces and finish all tasks you get something epic as all hell. Do it alone or do it with a group. Unlike the vault 94 "Find people or fuck you you can't do it"

The game needs an epic epic grinding your ass off reward. I'm bored and hate how they just assumed people would quit before reaching the end. Wastelanders will be "Ok go back to the beginning, finish that and have nothing to do" I feel. There needs to be something awesome. A piece on it's own that is truly something awesome to work towards. As of now, there is shit to do. I played Warcraft back in the day. Grinding for mounts was awesome. I miss having something to work towards. Rambling drunk prick I am.

Peace and Love! FO76 Reddit community is AWESOME!

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