A Little Fallout Writing Project I’ve Been Working On. Should I continue?

fallout 1 - A Little Fallout Writing Project I've Been Working On. Should I continue?

DISCLAIMER: I figured posting here instead of the writing subreddits, since I think people here could appreciate it more or something. Any and all criticism is welcome, and please let me know if I'm posting this correctly. Without further adieu, here it is:

Edit: Oh yeah, I added a NSFW warning just in case. Have no idea what happens if my post does deserve one and I neglect to add it, but whatever.

“Fuck man, you saw Judy last night at mess?”

“The hell are you talkin’ bout man? I try not to have eyes for a chick who’s probably been fucked by every dick in this hell hole.”

I glanced up to Shawn with a look of weariness, my patience running thin after being bombarded with dozens of half-baked sexual remarks regarding every pair of tits at this fucking camp.

“Look man, you can do whatever the fuck you want with THAT-“, motioning to Judy, who was currently standing guard on our eastern perimeter “But I’d rather fuck a Deathclaw than have to deal with the bullshit that leaves her mouth.”

“But hey man, you know what they say about warzones. It gets ‘em nice and wet.”

“Can you just shut the fuck up and get back to watchin’ for those red fuckers? Your talkin’ combined with this heat is makin’ me wish for a Nuclear Win-“

I would have finished my goddamned sentence, but you can never bet on those Legion asshats on ever givin’ up.


A voice boomed from beyond the minefield and cragged rocks that surrounded Camp Forlorn Hope. I gripped my rifle tighter as Shawn dashed back to the camp to warn everyone of the impending attack.


Could somebody just shut this fucker up? Where’s the Rangers when you need ‘em?

“This is an emergency alert broadcasting from Tennpines Bluff! We are curr-“

“-ck from multiple Raider groups, most of them equipped with heavy weaponry such as missi-“

“All available units in the areas have been requested to respond to this atta-“


After the emergency broadcast, all of the settlements in the rural region of the Commonwealth were abuzz. The Castle, the base of operations for the Minutemen, was overwhelmed by radio chatter from local commanders responding to the broadcast.

“This is Captain Williams reporting in from Hangman’s Alley. Don’t have much on hand right now. I’ll be sending in a couple squads of the new volunteers we’ve picked up from the Commons. Figured it’s time to get their feet wet.”

“Capn’ Richards comin’ in. Most of these boys here at Sanctuary have been dealin’ with those Gunner fuckers for years now. A squad should be enough to take care of ‘em Raiders.”

“Lieutenant Cassandra, currently posted at our fortifications at Starlight Drive-In. A squad of my finest are en-route, packing T-45 Power Armor. That’ll show those Raiders who they’re messin’ with.”

“Fuck Cassandra, what’s up with you and your Power Armor fetish?”

“Captain Edward Richardson, this is a reminder that ALL radio transmissions made on official military channels must stay on the task at hand.”

“Yeah yeah I know, I’ll save it for the X-Rated holotapes she probably has lying ALL OVER her room.”


“It’s called a quarters, Ed. I sleep in my QUARTERS.”

“So that’s what we’re callin’ it now, are we?”

While some transmissions were made with the purpose of notifying troop movements, most were sent from smaller trade settlements vying for any news on new attacks. Tennpines Bluff’s sister settlement, Outpost Zamonja, was especially worried for her precious caravan lines, supplying settlements as far flung as the Island, or Echo Lumber Mill. Equipped with relatively low security and tight space, they relied on constant protection from guards and the Minutemen stationed at the Bluff when dealing with Raiders, Super Mutants, and any other threat the wasteland hurled at them. When William’s Minutemen were on their way to the Bluff, they were swarmed with worried settlers who had family living up at Tennpines.

“Please, you have to save them. My niece is up there!”

“You’re the Minutemen right? You’ve fought this shit before, so you guys have to beat ‘em back!”

“How bad is it? Are people dying? Are we losing?”

“How many of em’ are there? My cousin workin’ the radio at Abernathy says there’s way more of those Raider fuckers than usual. What’s going on?”

“You sure you can even help? What if they ambush you? Or US?”

“How much longer till we find out what’s going on?”

William’s forces, opting for the faster route east of Tennpines Bluff, ran right into the crowd of worry-struck settlers living in Outpost Zamonja. Already nervous, the newly recruited Minutemen did their best to keep a straight face when passing through. The platoon’s sergeant, a man his men referred to as Uncle Ted, was both a father and leader for the fostered soldiers under his command. Ted continued to lead his men as they marched forward to respond to the attack on the Bluff.

“You holdin’ up okay Mike? Just ignore ‘em man. They’re hypin’ this shit up way too much.”

“Yeah man, I’m good. Just tryin’ to survive, you know? Don’t wanna fuck up and die before seeing my sights.”

“You and your sights man. The fuck is up with that? I mean I get it bro, whatever makes you happy. But seriously, what’s so cool ‘bout runnin’ round the whole fuckin’ Commonwealth, not stopping once to smash that good shit, only to take some pictures?”

“It’s all I have Frank. Just want something to hold onto, something others can look at and be like ‘Yeah, that’s Mike’s shit.’ Takin’ those pictures is like- I mean it’s like-“

“Like what bro?”

“I feel like it’s what my mom and pops would have done…. I know I never saw ‘em man, same as you and yours. But fuck, every time I think back to finding that damn camera, it’s like what Clements was talkin’ bout that one time at the Jewel. Maybe they left it for me you know? And they’re watching me from up there to see me finish their shit or find my own shit. To see me grow up. Fuck man, that sounds stupid as hell.”

“Hey man, it’s all good. I get it, it’s important to you. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure your ass doesn’t get blown to bits. Now, where the fuck can I get a smoke?”

“Tellin’ you man, one of these days you’re gonna regret ever stickin’ that shit into your mouth.”

“You have your shit, I have mine.”

“That’s fair.”

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