A little help with CAMPs – or things I’ve learned the hard way

fallout 8 - A little help with CAMPs - or things I've learned the hard way

Hi fellow CAMP enthusiasts! I though I'd share a bit of the knowledge I've gained concerning CAMP building.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on the subject, but it's something I greatly enjoy doing.

In the process of building many, many CAMPs, I have found there are some key things that may help you avoid some of the stress that you will experience (oh, there will be stress) when building your perfect home in Appalachia.

  1. Check for spawns where you want to place your CAMP. It always sucks to build a beautiful CAMP only to have it destroyed every 20 minutes by spawns.

I usually put a marker on a spot I want to build, then visit many times times during play to see if anything spawns in the area. Try it on a few server hops, just in case.

If you have FO1st, put your tent nearby so you can fast travel in. I've had a few awesome looking spots I've passed on because the mobs that spawned nearby would require me to suck up half my build in turrets.

  1. Check the boundaries. You can use the 'Move CAMP' option to haul around your CAMP Module in a new spot just to see where all of the boundaries are. It doesn't affect your current CAMP unless you place that module.

Reminder – don't accidentally place the module!

It's a great way to test sites to see if they are available, and what you might be able to incorporate into your CAMP.

Bonus – you can also check what items can and cannot be removed by the "bulldozer" feature (they'll disappear when you slide your CAMP module over them).

  1. Server hop for awhile to look for other CAMPs in the area. There's nothing like finding a great spot that makes you insta-move, you build, then never get to see it again because everyone else has also discovered this awesome spot.

You don't want to spend your precious, limited time to play staring at the message, "Your CAMP cannot be placed. Find another world?" (like it's really trying to do that – hint: it's not).

  1. Really look at the spot you want to build on. I know this sounds a little silly…I mean, it's perfect enough that you want to build there, but even small hills, or that stupid, overhanging tree branch can drive you absolutely nuts when trying to do your build.

Look for the 'arrrgh!' items. Tree branches, logs, big rocks, slope (even a mild one can still be maddening at times) and man-made objects all might give you indigestion.

  1. If it looks really cool, there's probably a trick to it. Don't rush off and try to do something really nifty (yeah, I used that word) you just saw at another CAMP.

Study. Take the time to look at other CAMPs, check out building videos (like Final Render or Captain Beardy to name a couple), and even ask folks at their CAMPs how they did stuff. Some will gladly demonstrate their techniques.

Heck, some are more than happy to help you with your CAMP. Save some of the hair on your head, if you have any left.

Quick additional item – when building, smaller is often better. You can pack a small space with lots of stuff, or have a big, empty mansion. Remember, there is a budget and it ain't as big as your dreams.

Any other hints and tips from fellow builders, please add them below, and may all your placements be green and have support!

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