A look at Fallout 76’s sales figures

fallout 4 - A look at Fallout 76's sales figures

Curious to see exactly how well Fallout 76 was doing so I checked out the VGChartz website today, which posts industry sales figures. The website uses data obtained from polling retailers and consumers combined with sales figures provided by publishers and some statistical sampling. It posts figures about a month after a game's release.

The figures for the week ending on Nov. 24, which was Fallout 76's second week of release, came out today. Short answer: They're not good. They show that by that point it had sold about 1.6 million units globally counting all three platforms (PS4, Xbone and PC). That's cumulative. There was a big drop from the first to second week.

In the week ending on Nov. 17, the first time Fallout 76 appeared on the chart, it sold a little more than 1 million units across all three platforms. The PS4 version was the #5 top seller on the charts while the Xbone version was #8. The PC version came in at #15. The next week, Fallout 76 sold half a million units, a 50 percent drop. The PS4 and Xbone versions dropped to #15 and #20 on the charts respectively. The PC version even did not place in the top 75 on the chart.


To provide some perspective: Fallout 4, which was released on Nov. 10, 2015, sold 4.5 million copies across all three platforms in its first week on the chart. It sold another million the following week, bringing its total sales in its second week to 5.5 million units. So Fallout 76 is substantially down from its predecessor.

Caveats: I don't know if these figures take into account refunds or returns though they might. VGChartz's methodology page says it includes "Studying resell prices to determine consumer demand and inventory levels" in its analysis. The chart doesn't take into account monetization and its not clear how much Fallout 76 cost to produce compared to Fallout 4. Presumably the former was less expensive to make. So it is not clear where the financial "break-even" point for Fallout 76 exists.

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The current top seller is Red Dead Redemption 2. It sold about 6.2 million units combined in its first week on the charts, which was Oct. 27. It was still going strong by the time that Fallout 76 was released, selling 1.3 million units combined during the Bethesda game's first week, which was RDR2's 4th week of release. The week of Nov. 24, it sold another 1.2 million units, bringing its total sales up to 13.8 million units.

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