A lot of complaints about Fallout 76 (and Bethesda in general) are valid, but the ones asking for a “new engine” are outright stupid

fallout 4 - A lot of complaints about Fallout 76 (and Bethesda in general) are valid, but the ones asking for a “new engine” are outright stupid

Since a lot of people don’t know how game engines work, I’m going to enlighten you all.

The game engine is the framework for the game. It makes up the core of the game. I think everyone knows this.

Very rarely is a “new” game engine ever actually made nowadays. Nearly all game engines are older versions of an engine upgraded and improved. Don’t believe me? I’ll provide some examples. Both Unreal and Unity Engine are engines that have been constantly upgraded and changed for different games. This is why these 2 are commonly used by indie games (sometimes by larger games like the first Dishonored) as they allow a lot of modifying and changing to how you want it. The Blam! Engine dates back all the way to Halo: Combat Evolved. Every subsequent Halo game has used this engine and even Destiny 1 (not sure about Destiny 2) uses the Blam! Engine from off of Halo Reach, and assets from Reach were even found in Destiny’s code. Prey (Arkane Studios) uses the CryEngine, which has been used in games such as Far Cry.

Very few times is a brand new game engine actually created, as they have to be made completely from the ground up. The only recent (and upcoming) examples I can think of are Arkane’s Void Engine (Dishonored 2) and 343’s (Halo Infinite) Slipspace Engine. But these were made for valid reasons Arkane made the Void Engine because Dishonored 1 ran on Unreal, which is very limiting to the quality of the game + graphics 343 made the Slipspace Engine for currently unknown reasons, but I presume because they had a longer development cycle than they usually get (3.5 – 4 years as opposed to only 2 or 3) they opted to get a fresh new engine to wow the fans since both Halo 4 and 5 were overwhelmingly negatively received. So many people will think they have a competent argument and say “The current engine dates back to Morrowind omg it’s so outdated aaaaah” but as I’ve pointed out this is just a bad argument. Don’t ask for them to make a brand new engine. Making a brand new game engine all the way from the ground up takes a lot of time and is very taxing on the development cycle. Instead of pushing for Bethesda to make a brand new engine, push for them to improve the one they currently have.

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And as for Fallout 76, that is not a good example of why the game engine is bad anyways. The engine Bethesda uses was built and based around a single player, and they handled 76 badly by modifying it slightly to work with multiple players, something the engine was definitely not built for. For 76 there should have been a larger overhaul of the engine to work with multiple players. Instead they crappily jammed multiplayer into what remains almost entirely like the Fallout 4 version of the game engine. This was not good and a shitty design choice from Bethesda.

You can complain about the Creation Engine all you want, but do not ask for a brand new engine. Ask them to fix the current one.

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