A Missed Opportunity with Nuka World

fallout 4 - A Missed Opportunity with Nuka World

I know this has been probably been talked about to death, however Nuka World has always bothered me and I thought I would share it here.
Now as the title says, I believe that there was a missed opportunity with Nuka World, and that is instead of it being about raiders, instead it's about tribes. What I mean is, instead of helping raiders take over the park, you instead help 4 tribes living in the ruins of the park. Each tribe would of course have been severely impacted by their home.
Safari Adventure: Imagine an entire tribe of people that act like Cito
Kiddie Kingdom: A feudal society filled with people with silly names like "King Gumdrop" or "Sir Taffy".
Galactic Zone: An entire society constructed by the idea's of B-Move Science Fiction, you can have them act like they are from "Star Trek: The Original Series" or like the Fallout New Vegas DLC "Old World Blues".
Dry Rock Gulch: A Wild West Town, imagine of all the mission the robots give you, and instead have it be real. A duel at high noon, roping loose cattle, maybe even have a good old bar fight.
Nuka Town USA: It's a main trading hub, but it's nice and clean because it's secretly under the control of the Frozen head of John-Caleb Bradberton (who in this acts way more like Walt Disney).
As for the Nuka-Cola bottling plant, keep it filled with Mirelurks, and have the reason for it needing to be cleared out be that you were hired by citizens of Nuka Town or directly by Bradberton.
Finally, the main quest. Instead of it being taking over the park for a bunch of raiders, it could be that the end goals is one of the following
1. Convince the Tribes (or destroy their spirit) so they will work for Bradberton (He wants to rebuild the park and restart society in his image, like Mr. House.
2. Help the Tribes, and convince them to work together instead of fighting. With the DLC ending with the tribes deciding to all work together. (Maybe have them defend the park from a Vengeful Bradberton, or a huge raider or Super Mutant attack.)
3. Ruin the tribes, kill Bradberton, and give the park to a large group of raiders.
4. Work with Bradberton, then betray him before he takes full control, and instead help one of the tribes take over the park and wipe out the other tribes.


This is all I could think of now, but if you have any comments about this, please I would like to hear other people's opinions on this.

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