A much needed CAMP overhaul

fallout 3 - A much needed CAMP overhaul

The CAMP isn't a perfect system and has several annoying flaws but it still allows players to build just as they did in Fallout 4. I though I'd preface with that to show that there is no disrespect going into this.

This will be a series of requests and features that I would like to see and I presume other players would like as well.


  • Faction/RP themed items. Raider, BOS, Responder, Enclave, Free States, Order of Mysteries, and the upcoming factions should get their own CAMP items.

  • Raiders would of course get spikes, dead people, house set made of garbage (like vanilla Fallout 4 stuff), and several other scrappy objects. A recent post named a lot of good ideas for raiders, for the life of me I can't remember the OP or what the post was named. I'm also on mobile so I can't just open a new tab.

  • BOS would have real defenses; the metal barriers for cover, the scorchbeast dragonrend turrets, the metal framed buildings like at Camp Venture, and flags of course.

  • Responders would have hospital equipment, signs for representation, and other things that follow suit for the Responders. It's really hard to think of CAMP items for the Responders, I'll edit if ideas are suggested.

  • Enclave, a wireless way of receiving orders from Modus, barriers and stuff like the BOS would have, Enclave flag, the black metal that's almost unique to the Enclave for a new building set, and anything else fitting the faction.

  • Free States, brick based buildings, makeshift appliances but of a higher quality than made of scrap metal, sandbags (admittedly all factions should have access to sandbags), and more things that fit the Free States.

More Specific Objects

  • Placable Junk – this feature is supposed to be on the way but was delayed. I can understand the delay because using the placable junk mod in Fallout 4 had the big issue of not being able to place junk on lower parts of shelves, you could only place stuff on the top shelf. The only solution to that was either awkward camera angles or the mod Do it Yourshelf. DIY made it to where you had an item that was a row of junk that filled the shelf but worked because it snapped in place. Using that mod was less personal but still a method of solving the problem with free placing your junk. So the takeaway is that free placing junk should have a way to go on lower shelves. I just realized I typed a medium sized paragraph explaining that junk needs to be able to go on lower shelves than just the top one like that one mod in Fallout 4.

  • Single doors (doors that are on the left or right instead of the center), vertical half walls, and more wall and roof varients just to make each CAMP more unique.

Improving the Placement System

  • Fixing the bugs and "object is intersecting/floating/not connected" when those notifications are just incorrect. That's the first most important thing.

  • Add a toggle off for snapping. This was a feature in the mod Place Everywhere for Fallout 4 and it was a lifesaver. It became so much easier to free place a wall or something like that.

  • Make certain objects sinkable/more sinkable. As far as I know the wooden fences don't sink into the ground at all and the concrete walls don't like to sink in.

  • Interior wall placement: it should go without saying that there should be dedicated interior walls and ones that can snap easier.

  • Being able to move through your CAMP easier while in build mode. In Fallout 4 you could just pick up a wall and walk through it, but you can't in 76. That make you have to tear apart your base or exit build mode and re-enter to leave your house. So either making it to where the walls become traversable to anyone when selected would work or adding the ability to open a door while in build mode. Either solution would work.

Comprehensive Turret Costs

  • Something simple like give a set limit per CAMP of each turret or just say the percentage of what each turret costs. For a more dynamic system if you can't place it make it flash how much of the budget meter it would take to place.


  • Add an upvote/downvote system for CAMPs. To rate a CAMP and tell if it's worth it to visit or just to give the creator credit for its quality.

  • Make CAMPs namable to make it more obvious that a place is a shop or to make someone's RP more obvious.

  • Add a toggle for numerical build budget vs metered build budget. Just a small QoL change.

That's about all I have for the CAMP. I plan to make similar posts for pets, weapon mod grind, companions/pets/robots. And anything else I think of. I appreciate and will edit for feedback. Tell me if I said something that's already in the game or if there's something you would add to this list.

Edit 1: added exiting/entering house CoL changes to the list. (The 5th thing under improving the Placement System).

Edit 2: added interaction section and added an upvote system like what's trending on this sub. u/IndigoStealth had this idea.

Edit 3: added namable CAMP idea. Trending post. Credit to u/BlakThumb.

Edit 4 and a PSA: I am not stealing ideas for karma or anything like that. I only say this because I know how Reddit can be sometimes. I'm doing this to make a master list of improvements to the CAMP system hence the title. To clarify: no one has accused me of this I'm stating this as a precaution.

Edit 5: added suggestion for numerical budget bar rather than just a meter. It's under interaction.

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