A nightmarish encounter in Appalachia

fallout 3 - A nightmarish encounter in Appalachia

I'm level 23 or so, still green around the gills, young, dumb and naïve, exploring Appalachia with a sense of dread and wariness that not having a pause menu, or VATS that stops the game like in previous titles, brings with it.

On my way to a quest marker for the Mistress of Mysteries quest clad in a tattered dress and veil (I'm a man, but this quest had me feeling my feminine side, hi sistersss) I came across a series of strange tall structures connected to each other with power cable, and opted to follow them. They led me to a dilapidated shack in the middle of nowhere.


Feeling apprehensive, I crept through some bushes and observed the surroundings. Some ghouls were hanging around the shack, doing that cute little toddler walk they do, but that seemed to be all. I took out my trusty 10mm pistol named Ben, reserved for weaker enemies not worth wasting good ammunition on, and started picking them off. Pfft, what could possibly ambush me? These irradiated old corpses don't even know what hit them.

I managed to put down a couple of helpless ghoulies, feeling proud and confident in my long-range pistol aiming skills, when from the corner of my eye I see a ghoul emerge from the shack, sprinting straight at me.


Still focusing my fire onto a ghoul until it goes down, I turned to aim at this mad lad Rambo who thought he could stand a chance against my hot 10mm prowess, when I realised this ain't no ornery ghoul. No, this was a different kind of abomination, crouched on all fours, with a twisted face that would've given Gollum the willies. the top of my screen told me I had met a Vengeful Wendigo.

I shat my dress. My feminine side took my masculine side into its arms and covered its eyes. My puny 10mm pistol might well have been a nerf gun shooting at Rhonda Rousey against this unforgiving culmination of nightmares. As the thing rapidly drew close, raised haggard long arms complete with claws, and struck its first hateful blow, I swivelled a full 180° and slammed that sprint button with the force of approximately fifty thousand nopes.

As I ran and ran, I asked myself why I ever felt it was a good idea to leave cosy, warm, colourful, safe Vault 76. Reclamation day can wait, the only reclaiming I'm doing today is that of my dignity.

Thank you for reading! I love these memorable moments in gaming, and thought I'd record this one with a bit of creative writing to sharpen up my non-native English skills. Feel free to criticise!

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