A numbskull’s guide to arktos

fallout 6 - A numbskull's guide to arktos

Since the other guy's post is clearly not getting through to you kids, I'll give it a shot.

Step 1- filling the troughs. Orange smoke means food for cute animals! they want food to fill their tum tums! Look for orange smoke to fill the food machine! In area A, as in apple, the food is from the mean deers! They drop "Fragrant Venison" I know those are big words, but thankfully the item has a little diamond next to it to help you! In area B, as in butter, the food is from the stinky goo piles! They glow orange, and you press the "interact" button on them to collect "Toxic Sludge!" Mean mole rats might pop up too, but they also drop Toxic Sludge! In area C, as in cat, the food is from the orange glowing plants! Not the purple plants, and not from the monsters, the orange plants! They give off smoke, too, in case you cant see orange right. The more food you put in the big feeder machine, the stronger your cute animal friend will be! If you don't put at least 20 food in a feeder machine, the animal friend will be very scared and squishy. But if you put 60 food in, they'll be a big strong animal like a deathclaw!


Step 2- Defending the test animals. Now, kids, do you know what the word "defend" means? It means to protect! There will be an animal friend in each area, A B and C, with a bright diamond over their head and an orange name. These are your friends! Pwease don't hurt them, they wuv you! The mean monsters want to hurt your animal friends, so you have to protect them! So if you see someone all alone, or an animal friend by themselves, go help! The more animal friends you protect, the more they'll love you and give you presents!

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Step 3- Defeat the Alpha. Last, a big scary monster will appear in one of the areas, A B or C! He'll be a whole 100 levels! Don't worry though, if you work together I know you can beat him! When the big scary monster appears, your animal friends still need to be defended! Don't leave them all alone, they might get hurt! Once the big scary monster is defeated, you win Project Paradise! Isn't that fun! And even better, if you keep your animal friends alive they'll give you more presents and rewards!

I sincerely hope this helps, I honestly dont know any simpler way to put it. Gather food, defend targets. You HAVE TO GATHER FOOD THOUGH OR YOUR DEFEND TARGETS WILL BE EXTREMELY WEAK. Like level 1 radroach weak.

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