A Pessimistic Curmudgeon’s Take on the Newly-Released 2021 Road Map

fallout 8 - A Pessimistic Curmudgeon's Take on the Newly-Released 2021 Road Map


  1. Half of the road map will be delayed and pushed back to 2022.
  2. "Steel Reign" will be the only story content we get all year and it'll be about 4 hours worth. — "We care about story." – Bethesda — But, do you? Do you really?
  3. "Tales from the Stars" will be a weak version of Wild Appalachia that introduces, barely, Zetans. Or maybe it will tie Zetans to the Flatwoods Monster. We probably won't get an "Encryptid" style event out of it. We'll get a "public challenge" like the Valentine's Day bore chore but we'll be chasing down Zetans and/or Flatwoods Monsters that are hiding around Appalachia. Yay.
  4. "Worlds Are Changing" will probably be the most delayed. If they decide to introduce mods to private worlds, it will be through a Creation Club style mod system only as the mods will be server-side, not client-side. DO NOT expect Nexus mods. Bethesda would be stupid and suicidal to introduce wild code into their servers. In fact, I'd suspect anyone loudly calling for Nexus mods on private servers is someone looking to break the game at the least or actively trying to hack Bethesda's servers and wreak havoc.
  5. Private world mods will also be priced at Atom Shop prices, which means expect to pay $10 each for relatively minor mods and up to $30 or $40 for actually useful mods. Since all this is already paywalled behind Fallout 1st, expect a bunch of tiny adjustments available for free. But, anything really fun will be further paywalled for exorbitant prices. Alternately, they'll charge us 1/10th of that ($1 for small mods, up to $5 for really useful/fun mods) but those prices will be monthly (yes, a subscription inside a subscription) so that they can bleed us perpetually for those mods.
  6. We will never get Mischief Night back. I don't know if Bethesda thought we were having too much fun or if they just are too lazy to tweak the event to be less server and client intensive, but we will never get that event back. Which is why we're getting "The Ritual", whatever that is. And whatever it is, there's no way it will be as fun as Mischief Night. It'll most likely be a repurposing of some event we already have with a new skin.
  7. Unless "Legendary Crafting" will be extended to every single new armor and weapon they keep giving us–you know, the ones that are almost impossible to get–then it's not even worth talking about. It's DOA, in my book.
  8. Legenday Power Armor will be an unmitigated disaster and will destroy game balance even more than it already is. Unless it is limited to ONE star, it will be so ridiculously OP that Bloodied PA Heavy Gunner builds will instantly become the meta. They would need to make the drop rates insanely low and make pieces untradeable to keep them from being instantly OP. Of course, PC has had them hacked into the game for a while.
  9. 4 Star Legendaries will have drop rates so low that you'll almost never see them. Useful 4 stars will be even more rare. They won't be tradeable either. You'll mostly see them on PC because people will hack them into the game.
  10. "Unlimited Season Ranks" will bring Atoms back as rewards for people who finish the Seasons early. You'll get 10 atoms per rank after rank 100 but it will take 10K or more (probably closer to 25K…expect a ridiculous amount) XP to gain a single rank.
  11. CAMP Slots will be VERY nice for builders, myself included…but they will be a bug-ridden mess and open 50 new dupe methods, which will cause the devs to disable them a day or two after they go live.
  12. CAMP Pets. I hope they're immortal because having to replace them every 30 seconds after some trigger-happy piece of garbage comes by your CAMP is a non-starter.
  13. SPECIAL Loadouts: Leave it to Bethesda to take the players calling for a simple thing like PERK CARD LOADOUTS, to look at that request, then turn that request into an entire respecing system Frankensteined together with a vague semblance of a perk card loadout system, almost guaranteeing a whole slew of new bugs, limit it to TWO loadouts so they can then charge us for more loadout slots…and then say, "HERE! WE LISTENED TO YOU!" It's like they're trying to break the game every time they introduce something like this. Instead of "Keep It Simple, Stupid", they seemingly go, "How can we take this simple request and make it as complicated as possible and as far away from what they were ACTUALLY asking for while still including a sliver of the original concept, so we can say, 'SEE? WE LISTEN!'?"
  14. The small QOL stuff like crafting sliders and console aim assist (I thought we already had this. I don't have any problem with aim on Xbox.) are nice but won't make up for the giant, barely tested clusterfuck everything else will be.

Well, that's my take as someone whom Bethesda has caused to burn out on a game they love. I just really have no faith that they'll ever really do the right thing with this game anymore. And it makes me really sad to say that. 🙁


What are your thoughts?

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