A Player City in Appalachia: An Awesome Possibility

fallout 5 - A Player City in Appalachia: An Awesome Possibility

WARNING: Long Post, but I hope you enjoy. TLDR at the Bottom

Since the Launch of the Fortifying Atlas community project, and the eventual release of Steel Dawn and Fractured Steel, a lot of people started concluding that it would be pretty awesome if the 76 Residents get their own base. Creating permanent changes to Fallout 76 based around player engagement would give F76 a truly unique experience.

Broad strokes of this player city idea is would be having similar Fortifying ATLAS projects to build up this game spanning player settlement, and once this city is complete we'd get access to new: vendors, main/daily quests, events, buffs, and gear.

So, let's go into way too much detail, shall we?!?


Locations, there can be many places where a player city can be located, go ahead, and suggest your own. Before I give you my suggestions, I have to address the elephant in the room, Vault 76. Now why am I not suggesting Vault 76? Well, in-lore Vault 76 has become inoperable after Reclamation Day. Mechanically, it would make the new player start very difficult, being smacked in the face with this city before even learning the ropes of the game.

One more question to take into consideration is what type of city it should be. A post-war construction, or pre-war conversion. Post-War construction is building aesthetic of a player city mostly if not entirely built post-war e.g. Shady Sand, Megaton, Junktown etc. Pre-War conversion is the building aesthetic of a player city built with pre-war buildings being integral to the settlement e.g. New Reno, Rivet City, New Vegas etc. Now each aesthetic can look fantastic, but they heavily depend on the location of the city within Appalachia. My current suggestions are
latest?cb=20200409005208 - A Player City in Appalachia: An Awesome Possibility

Sutton, New River Gorge Resort, and
Seneca Rocks-East Side. Each of these locations have their unique draws. Sutton being lorewise the first place the Overseer wants to rebuild, New River Gorge Resort being a unique opportunity for both Pre-War and Post-War building, and Seneca Rocks-East Side allowing the possibility for an entirely post-war settlement.


Now with the locations out of the way, the structure/mechanics of actually building the player city has to be considered. The general consensus is to have some emulation of the Rebuilding ATLAS project, donating resources for rewards and in doing so building the city. The following a combination of suggestions I've scoured on the subreddit:

To start with players will do ATLAS styled donation challenges to actually build it. The first few of these donations will be focusing around essential buildings: Farms/Walls/Water Purifier/Trade Post/Plumbing/Town Hall/Residences. Each donation would give a small bonus, and once a donation goal is reached it will sometimes unlock a bonus to the 'final reward' for each building. The following are examples of the 'final rewards' for each section of reconstruction:

· Farms: Can collect for free a variety of grown food. The Bonus is a slight increase to food growth rate at player CAMPS.


· Water Purifier: Can collect for free some purified water. The Bonus is a slight increase to water purifier rate at player CAMPS.

· Trade Post: Opens a variety of NPC Vendors from BoS/Raiders/Settlers/Others. Also 24 special vendors where CAMP vendors are automatically connected to their corresponding player vendor. The bonus is having better deals with the NPC Vendors.

· Walls: Creates the Event "Defend 76!", where players defend the player settlement from a Blood Eagles/Super Mutant/Scorched/etc attack. The Bonus would yield slightly better rewards for the Event.

· Residences: Creates 24 instant homes where the players can decorate their homes. No Bonus.

· Town Hall: Introduces a game wide voting system (will get to that). Also creates a variety of daily quests for players to complete.

And more, add your suggestions.

My timetable suggestion for building each of these essentials would be two weeks of ATLAS styled building project and a two weeks/month break until the next ATLAS styled building project. On completing the town there can be an introduction of more dailies/events or even a new main quest. One main quest suggestion of mine is for players to help make an AI for the player city to help run the city. The players will need to scavenge parts of other AI's throughout Appalachia (Grafton Mayor, MAIA, etc) so the Player City AI does not go insane, or isn't too literal, or doesn't start think it's in charge. Once the player completes this quest, the voting system could possibly introduce to that player.


Eventually I would like to introduce a game wide player voting system. Each account gets a vote, each vote lasting a month. These votes would primarily be focusing on flavour subjects:

· Town Name (City 76/Reclamation are popular)

· Flag Design (Bethesda can have a flag competition where players can choose from a final 3 or something)

· a Memorial Statue honouring the fallen against the scorched

· if ghouls are allowed in the city

· or voting on a type of general bonus for all players, etc.

Voting could also be more mechanical focus like voting on a new building or improvement to add to the player city. Each of these bonus buildings would introduce their own unique bonus/quest/NPC's (e.g. A scrapyard where players can collect some scrap, adding turrets to the walls to assist in defence) etc.

Now all of these are suggestions and are definitely open for improvement, I can’t tell which idea is good or bad at this point. Having your feedback would be amazing so go nuts. I just wanted to present a structured idea on how a player city can engage F76 player base, how to make F76 truly unique amongst many other "MMO's", and also honouring the idea of having consequences for player decisions that Fallout is famous for. Also just having a canon city in the Fallout universe based around direct player involvement is just awesome to me.

TLDR: A Player City with a variety of events/daily's/vendors/etc. It can be built using ATLAS styled community challenges projects Once built, can introduce game wide account-based voting for potential additions to the player city. Having a player-based city in the canon lore of Fallout would just be cool.

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