A quick PSA for BGS fanboys.

fallout 6 - A quick PSA for BGS fanboys.

Don't get me wrong I'm also a BGS fanboy. Since Oblivion and Fallout 3 I have been a huge fan of the entire BGS line-up, even going back to play the old non-BGS Fallout games.

Some of you guys though seriously need to stop blaming fans for them being unaware of the stress tests and shoddy B.E.T.A times.

It seems like all these fanboys seem to think that not only every fan has Twitter and but that they also all closely follow all of Bethesdas social media. This isn't the case, personally I have Twitter but I rarely use it. For me the only real information I was given about the B.E.T.A was the information I saw when I went to pre-order my game.

Link: http://imgur.com/gallery/WG9R1wA

Screen-cap of the information given on the PS store is pretty damning in my opinion. They are really keen to let you know "PRE ORDER TO PLAY THE B.E.T.A" but yet there's actually no information given on the restrictions of that BETA. Yes we can argue all day that information was given on Twitter, I was aware of the stress tests because my friend uses Twitter alot and passed the information on to me but you can't expect every single gamer to be checking outside sources for information on the game they pre-ordered.


As far as I'm concerned from a completely pro-consumer standpoint the B.E.T.A should have been advertised with a huge asterisk next to it, letting everyone who clicked that pre-order button know that..

1) The B.E.T.A would not be unlimited. 2) B.E.T.A timescales are/were TBD.

You can't blame the fans and customers for being peeved when the only information they were given on storefronts was that pre-order would allow you to play the BETA.

Wisen up people.

Stop being so Anti-consumer.

BGS were in the wrong here they should have made the technicalities of the BETA crisp and clear on the games pre-order page.


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