A shout-out to the Actual Devs

fallout 2 - A shout-out to the Actual Devs

I write code for a living. Business level major release multi-billion dollar account type of code. I speak from experience on at least this one regard.

When your ticket list has 250 items in it, varying between bugs, features, and investigate "is this actually a bug" types of things….YOU DONT GET TO SET THEIR PRIORITY. That's the responsibility of the project lead, who has to consult with both the business team and the project manager, who reports to and consults with the analysts and the project owner, who himself is responsible to the Business owners and shareholders.

You work on things as quickly as possible, in the order you are told to work on them…which as it happens is not unlikely to have very little to do with, and basically no input from, the "Community Manager" and the community itself.

The fact that they are listening at all, and giving us some of what we asked for, is already a miracle. I've seen other games that can't do it at all, or screw it up even worse.

Should it have been better? -Absolutely yes, without question. I guarantee you that the business and marketing teams got an absolutely earful from the dev teams when the deadlines were finalized. I guarantee you that not a single dev team in the company was completely happy with the state of the game when it was released, they just didn't have an actual say in it.

So yea. Shout out to the devs, and their teams. They ARE responding to community requests, they ARE aware of the bugs you are complaining about. We DONT need an update-by-update recount of their investigations and how they are trying to fix it, or even find out what's going wrong (which can in fact be a chore in and of itself…I should know). Sometimes the symptom has (at first glance) absolutely NOTHING to do with the actual problem, and simply fixing the symptoms can and will mask the true problems until it becomes even worse, and fixing it will break the quick patch which fixed the symptom in the first place.

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Im not happy with Bethesda Corporate, and I'm not happy with the marketing and management teams, for what they've been shoveling down the line and out the door. But overall, you have to look at it and say "They're trying, and they're trying HARD". If you need to take a break, take a break. There's a very good possibility that the things you hate most will be fixed when you get back, even if other things aren't, or even more things are broken. I'd rather keep my toes in, complain about the things that get worse, and pay attention to what changes so that I dont get surprised by how different things are when I get back to it.

Good job dev's, keep going, and remember, dont read the comments 🙂

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