A simple health and food farming guide for low level players.

fallout 3 - A simple health and food farming guide for low level players.

Struggling to keep yourself alive and fed? Can't find enough stimpacks? Follow this guide and in ~30 minutes you'll have enough food & drink to keep you going for quite a while, and can create your own healing salve so you're not dependent on stims.

Start from the Flatwoods Church. Head out back to the stream and follow it south, collecting all the bloodleaf, snaptails, and glowing mushrooms along the way. Be sure to check the 2 med kits and the duffle bag hiding under the small bridge.

When you get to the point where the stream meets the big dried up river bed, head west and follow the dried river. There's dozens of glowing mushrooms and an assortment of snaptail, bloodleaf, silt beans, and a couple brain fungus. Continue along until you reach the "intersection" where the dry river bed meets the water just past the bridge.

Turn right (north) and head up to the road. Follow along the right hand side of the road back towards Flatwoods. Word of caution: Sunshine Meadows will probably spawn a pack of low level ghouls, so be on your toes. This is the only spot that may give you trouble along the route, otherwise the only mobs you're likely to find are a few Farmhands, Commie bots, and wild dogs.

Anyways, continue following the road harvesting logs and soot flowers until you get to Vault Tec Ag building. Optional (but recommended) side trip: pop into the Ag building, run downstairs to the flooded room and see if the Firecaps are there. If the room hasn't been freshly looted there may be up to 5 of them.

Once you reach the intersection of the stream and dried river bed again, turn and head E/SE along the dried riverbed this time. Here you can find 40+ logs that will each give you 2-8 wood scraps as well more soot flowers, mutfruits, mushrooms, and a couple of starlight berry plants. Continue following the riverbed until you reach the wreckage of a couple larger boats, just before the elevated rail bridge.

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Turn north, climb out of the riverbed into the grassy area, and walk through the forest back towards town, continuing to grab soot flowers, wood, and anything else you may come across (including a copper deposit). When you get back near town, aim for the Red Rocket. Check the Nuka Cola machine & lunchbox, and grab any of the random scrap stuff you want/need from inside. There's also a handy stash box and tinker bench here in case you need to lighten your load.

From Red Rocket, head a bit west towards the cluster of tents and check if the 2 hanging radstags have been looted. If not, grab them, check the other lunchboxes and containers in the area, and then turn north back towards the church, harvesting any/all of the planter boxes and killing the brahmin if they're there.

Walk down to the stream one last time and harvest 200-300 water. If possible, pop a RadX beforehand to reduce your rad intake. I saved this part for last because if you weren't already over encumbered you will be now.

Finally, climb back up the hill to the cooking station area across from the church, kill the possums if they're there, and then start cooking.


  • 15-20 healing salve (1 ea bloodleaf, soot flower, boiled water) or a combination of a couple disease cures (2 bloodleaf, 2 firecap, 2 snaptail, and 1 water) and some healing salves if you were able to snag the firecaps.

  • 30+ glowing fungus soup

  • 5+ mutfruit juice

  • 5+ silt bean soup

  • 3+ starlight berry cobbler

  • 10+ sugar from the snaptails. It's used in some higher level recipes, but I usually just sell it for a couple extra caps.

Other things I was able to craft due to random encounters/finds along the way: 1x fox jerky, 2x grilled radstag, 5x mutt chops, 1x razorgrain soup, 2x awesome possum bacon, 5x tato juice, 3x ribeye steaks.

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Final notes:

  • You likely won't need to eat all the food before it expires, so consider selling some of the fungus soup for caps.

  • green thumb unlocks at level 4. If you can spare a perk card I would strongly recommend grabbing it as it will double the amount of salve and soups you can make.

  • Healing salve benefits from the first aid perks for both increased healing and reduced weight.

Cheers, and happy farming!

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