A story of the past

fallout 1 - A story of the past

This is a long one, I can’t do short

I was ten years old. My dads old Xbox 360 is downstairs in the basement. I’ve been begging for years for him to allow me to play an M rated game, and he finally caved. He drove me to a Best Buy, and I looked for an M rated game he would approve of. I looked on the shelves, and I saw two boxes, a green one and an orange one. The name on those boxes shaped who I feel I am today: Fallout. I grabbed the green box, showed my dad, and he approved with a smile, knowing I was growing up. As soon as I got home I sped to the basement to pop that bad boy in. I wait a couple minutes for the game, and then for the DLCs.

“This was amazing,” I thought. I loved it. It became my favorite game. My first Bethesda game, my first M rated game, I was ecstatic to play it. Listening to those jazzy tunes on the radio, blowing heads into small lil chunks with a combat shotgun, those were the times. 2016 rolls around. My dad bought me an Xbox one for Christmas with a copy of Fallout 4. Knowing my fun with FO3, I knew I was going to have a great time.

Better than I expected. Fallout 4 was a magical game to me. The gunplay, the shitty interfaces, the missions, all of it. Can’t remember a single quest or mission I actually hate in that game. Loved it to death, and I have 12+ total days in that game. Still one of my favorite games to this date.

The orange box comes back into my life, mid-late 2017. Fallout New Vegas. If I found FO3 and FO4 good, I have to find this game good right? It wasn’t good


It was a masterpiece, holy shit. In NV everything fit perfectly. From the opening cutscene to kicking Legion ass with Yes Man, I had enthralled all the way. The quests worked. The gunplay and shooting worked. It all just fit together, like a large ass puzzle. The wit, the humor, the charm to the fallout series had taken me hostage, and I didn’t care if I was freed.

On Bethesdas Twitter, they hint at a new fallout game. I was ecstatic! A multiplayer fallout game, how fun could that be! I only use Online for GTA, my favorite online experience ever, so fallout could top that.

Todd says 76 is online only, no single player. “Ok, I’m sure it’ll be fun, but no single player?” I was repeatedly let down by new announcements, and despite everyone telling me it was gonna be bad, I still held on. I hoped that Bethesda didn’t mess up this game, a online fallout that is released this time! I held off on preordering, waiting for reviews.

They said it sucked. I was so let down, how did they fuck up? Then I saw footage. No NPCS, weird perk systems, pvp is disabled unless they agree to it? Nukes, the big schtick of the game, is broken?

Cmon Bethesda, you made 5 great fallout games, and just as many elder scrolls. I haven’t bought 76 yet, and I’m disappointed. So, I wish for the community to move past 76 and pray they Fallout 5 is a kickass game. I feel good about the next one

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