A Theory I Have About the Nuking of America

fallout 2 - A Theory I Have About the Nuking of America

Who dropped the first bomb? This is something that many theories analyze. Vault Tec is seen as the main culprit because of the social experiments we learn about in the terminals. What's interesting is how many partnerships Vault Tec has though. They are connected to RobCo industries as we see different robots in some of the vaults and they also have a deal with Nuka Cola because one that's all the workers drank and two Nuka World has an exhibit dedicated to them. Also Nuka Cola has a deal with Robco as we see in Nuka World as well. These companies are the key players in the United States. What I find interesting is that this was probably meant to condition the civilians and make them comfortable before settling a life in a Vault. Nuka Cola benefits from producing drinks and feeding it to the dwellers and Robco, well they get to have an army of robots controlling the country.

What if these three companies all made a deal to drop a single nuke to launch people into a panic and keep them trapped in the vaults? What if they didn't intend to create a domino effect and ended up making the US fire back to what they thought was Communist China initating a full assault? In turn China would have thought the same of the US and it lead to a cataclysm of nukes.

Vault Tec wants to see the extreme effects of different experiments on a human person. However, what if they didn't want to get involved in ethics issues and the possibility of scaring test subjects? Instead, they can just launch a nuke, scare people, get them inside, and they are trapped. If the government tried to stop them Robco could easily turn against them since they had robots in the Capital and also the Vaults can withstand nukes. This would mean the people are inside, unsure of what is going on, and are trapped. In turn Vault Tec, gets to lie to them and gets to perform "safe" experiments as the vault dwellers assume.


What I'm thinking is that that vaults could have intended people assume the world went to shit, when in reality it should be that everything is fine. But in turn Vault Tec screwed everything up and actually started the apocalypse.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every major resource had a shortage, yet somehow magically Vault Tec, Robco, and Nuka Cola can mass produce products. These three companies wanted to indoctrinate and control America and used the war as a way to take advantage of already vulnerable people. It's also interesting because through some of the terminals it does not seem as if the US is in as much termoil as it was made out to be. Many terminals provide stories about people looking forward to the next day, or going on trips or retirements. It was as if nothing bad was happening. No one had a care in the world.

I mean you could probably also throw in General Atomics and Poseidon Energy because they too also have some connection to all of this, but I think the other three are the main culprits.

And please feel free to add or make critiques to this. I just thought about it for a short time. If I missed a detail I'm definitely ready to read it.

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