A Theory on the Super Mutants in the upcoming Steel Reign

fallout 7 - A Theory on the Super Mutants in the upcoming Steel Reign

Something that’s bugged me since I completed Steel Dawn: Why would the Super Mutants have attacked Atlas? Are they really smart enough to plan out an attack like this? Perhaps the answer lies with the “Smarty” that Grahm mentions to us.

It’s possible that before the Battle of Huntersville, ‘Smarty’ tried to get his brethren to follow peaceful pursuits, like Grahm – trading and such, being peaceful. We even see the remnants of some similar understanding in the Mutants at Huntersville. They consistently tell the player to “Leave their Home” and that “You are not welcome here”. We see this in West-Tek as well, though in admittedly more sinister tones (remarking on humans creating them and, ironically for the Brotherhood, the danger of science).

So maybe it’s possible that while some Super Mutants were attacking and raiding humans, Smarty and some others weren’t. They were tolerated in Huntersville perhaps, or maybe they lived away from there, in exile.

And then in comes the Brotherhood (and the Responders) massacring their kind. Uncaring for the fact that they were like them, just slightly different. This slaughter may be what set “Smarty” on a path of vengeance. Perhaps he put aside notions of peace and living with humanity. He begins coordinating the Super Mutants, under one leader, to hit the Brotherhood and Responders.


But with the fall of Appalachia, and the death of (nearly) all humans, “Smarty” let his rage subside. The planning wasn’t needed, the humans were dead. The Scorched weren’t a threat they were concerned with, they (maybe?) were immune. The same applies to Foundation and Crater. Neither actively took to wiping out Mutants, so they weren’t much of a problem. Live and let live.

Then in comes the Brotherhood. The people responsible from the ransacking of his home. The killing of his people. What lengths would a Super Mutant, with the tongue to convince his brethren, and the hatred that so easily wrenched him from peace, go to to eliminate the threat that destroyed his home?

That’s why I believe that, near the end of Steel Reign, the Brotherhood will be up against “Smarty” and his mutant army. Perhaps it’ll put Rahmani and Shin’s ideologies at their throats:

Maybe Rahmani would think like this: These Super Mutants attacked out of fear of the heavy hand that the Appalachian Brotherhood treated them with, so we should treat them like humans. Avoid anymore death, protect them as civilians.

Or, if you sided with Shin: They’re abominations, trying to trick you so they can build back stronger to destroy us.

The choice for what happens next will be ours… If this is how it happens, anyway. I don’t have any info, but it’s something to think on. Maybe we’ll get an answer to who Grahm’s “Smarty” is, maybe we won’t.

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