A Thought on the “No Story” People While My Character is Resting

fallout 4 - A Thought on the "No Story" People While My Character is Resting

I'm not even that far into the game yet, but I'm baffled by people who say there isn't a story. There's so much deep, emotionally impactful lore in this game.

A great example is the dead Responder chef/priest you find during the "tutorial" missions. Reading his logs you get a great idea of who this person was, and some heartbreaking information

When the bombs fell, he had a crisis of faith. He thought it was the rapture, God coming to bring his chosen to heaven. When he didn't die, he struggled. Why hadn't he been brought with them?

He had fought in the war. He had killed. Is that why?


But then he found a struggling group of survivors, eating raw rat meat. He knew he had been called to help them.

And finally, he had peace. Growing food and cooking for the refugees, helping the Responders. He would be better when God came again. Worthy of deliverance.

That's fu*king powerful, top tier Bethesda writing and world building. Anyone who thinks there isn't any story or deep lore must have barely left the Vault.

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