A TL;DR of the AMA for those CBF to RTFT

fallout 3 - A TL;DR of the AMA for those CBF to RTFT

Points of Interest:

Private Worlds

  • Changes coming to private worlds are more in line with tweaking server settings than actual mods
  • Teased settings:
    • Add some PvP elements
    • Add hardcore survival elements

Legendary Crafting

  • Available for ALL weapons, armour and even power armour
  • Will introduce new crafting components that will be required for crafting legendary items
  • Can roll 1, 2 ot 3 star legendaries with the option to reroll
    • No word on if 4 star legendaries will be craftable
  • New mods will be made available (likely of the non-legendary kind)
  • Current weaker or unpopular mods will get a balance pass to improve them
    • Probably similar to what happened with Explosive Vents changing to Cooling Vents
  • More new mods will be added when 4 star legendaries are launched

Unlimited Season Ranks

  • They will be a non-randomised, repeatable track once you get past Rank 100 for a season.
  • Rewards on this unlimited track include things like lunchboxes, scrip, bullion etc.
  • Since Atoms as a reward were conspicuously left out, it's implied that they won't be one of the repeatable rewards


  • Cats and dogs will be the first pets available when the feature launches
  • Pets will be customisable
  • Pets will be available in both Camps and Shelters
  • A wide variety of different pets will be added in future
    • A pet liberator (community suggestion) will likely be added to the future pets list


  • New ones will be coming but no ETA
  • Allies are tricky to add to Shelters and are not a priority atm
    • Oddly pets have no problem being in shelters though…

Public Challenges/Events

  • Public Challenges will be like Seasonal Events (e.g. Fasnacht, Meat Week etc.) but they will be global across the whole of Appalachia
  • Zetans will be the first of these Public Challenges (Coming Winter 2021)
  • More Public Challenges will be added in future
  • New Brotherhood of Steel public event is expected later this year
  • All existing Events will get a balance pass to improve participation of the less popular ones
    • This will mostly be done through changing the rewards to encourage participation


  • New Shelter themes ie interior look of a Shelter, are coming
  • First new Shelter theme will be available with the launch of Steel Reign DLC in Update 28


  • Expeditions are being worked on but won't be coming in 2021
  • Expeditions will take you to a new map off Appalachia
  • They're considered their own new feature (whatever that means)


  • New Bullion trader from Blue Ridge Caravan will be available with Steel Reign DLC
    • Will appear on various days in one of the faction hubs
    • Will offer some great deal on bullion plans
    • May also have unique offerings from time to time
  • Mischief Night won't be returning as it causes many performance issues
    • It will be replaced with some other event, expected to release Halloween 2021

Confirmed features expected with future Updates:

Update 26

  • Daily Ops – Vault 96 location

Update 28

  • Steel Reign DLC
  • Vault 63
    • Will be Daily Ops location in future update
  • New Blue Ridge Caravan bullion trader
  • New Shelter themes (interior look)
  • (Inferred) Legendary Crafting, including
    • New mods for gear (likely non-legendary)
    • Tweak to existing mods that are weak/unpopular (think explosive vents -> cooling vents)

Update 32

  • Balance pass for all event
    • Mostly focused on changing rewards
  • More new mods along with 4 star Legendary release

Todo list (things considered to be worked on/are being worked on but won't be available in 2021)

  • Expeditions
  • Further private world features
  • Shared player stash (account wide by the sounds of it)
  • Half-sized wall and floor variants
  • Ability to customise exterior walls
  • Social features
  • Making corpses of legendary enemies easier to find

Questions that were dodged/unanswered:

  • Nuclear Winter BR mode
  • Player to player trading (safe trading, item-for-item, trading hubs)
  • Vault raids and other end game content
  • Text chat
  • Mods for private worlds
  • Further combat balance changes and dealing with hacked/legacy weapons
  • Additional funding/expansion of 76 dev team

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