A tour of my Dunder Mifflin camp

fallout 5 - A tour of my Dunder Mifflin camp

I've seen The Office many times start to finish and really enjoy the series. My Fallout 4 runs are
ndI7x9t - A tour of my Dunder Mifflin camp

usually a character from the show, although I've also done a
M1v6yz8 - A tour of my Dunder Mifflin camp
Tom Haverford run. It was inevitable that I tried my hand at a Fallout 76 camp devoted to Dunder Mifflin, and so I present for you my humble attempt at bringing Scranton to West Virginia.

The camp is located just east of the building where Battle Bot takes place, near train tracks and a bombed out bus, or temporary workspace if you prefer. I looked around the map for a flat area with a parking lot and a more ideal layout, but didn't find anything suitable, so I landed here. If anyone can think of a better map spot for this build, please chime in!

I took a lot of time going over photos, floorplans, scenes from the show, and behind the scenes images to come up with what I think is a good approximation of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton building. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

dlQRWNv - A tour of my Dunder Mifflin camp

Outside aerial view – Fans will notice right away the warehouse door is on the wrong side. Unfortunately, due to budget, I had to limit the footprint to 6x4x2, and I made the decision to sacrifice this detail in order to have the front entrance, stairs, and coffee corner where they should be. With room in budget for a 7x5x3 layout (I tried, it was great but there was no room in the budget) for furniture or decorations, this would change. Maybe with the instanced interiors, I can move the warehouse to a separate space and have enough budget to expand the building. Fingers crossed!

Front view – I wish they would let us build cars like the Chryslus Cherry Bomb, but the bed will do for now, from the episode where Michael grilled his foot and Dwight got too excited to go pick him up and crashed into the pole. I'm still playing with the window and wall types, unfortunately there are no plain cement walls. I had a row of bushes and some vehicle garden beds out here, but the budget was too much so I had to remove them. I think I like this version of the entrance with clean door and half walls better.

Cafe Disco – Just inside the front entrance is the stairs up to the office area, and behind the stairs is Cafe Disco. This area came out OK, I'd just add a shower on one wall if they ever add one.

Dwight's Caffeine Corner – I'm OK with how this came out as well. I wish there was a little more budget for more magazines on the rack, but overall, I didn't feel too limited here. I do wish we could add elevators so I could make the lobby more faithful to the show, and I'd prefer if the budget was big enough to include the hallway leading to cafe disco as well as the other businesses here, but that would have to wait for a much larger budget, probably 2x what we have now.

Warehouse looking towards the door and towards the garage door – The door between the Caffeine Corner counter and table leads to the warehouse. You can see it in the background of the first picture. The garage door is to the right, near the Kevin and the Zits practice area. There used to be more shelving in here, but I really needed to find some budget for upstairs decorations, so the shelves had to go. I'm really hoping the instanced interiors update will allow for a 2-3 story high warehouse so I can redo this and really do it some justice. Yeah, I've got a basketball hoop and the tan all over, Jan all over picture, and yeah there's a little office area for the collectron, but it's really a shadow of the warehouse from the show. This is the part of the build I'm least happy with.


Upstairs landing – Back towards the entrance, the stairs lead directly to the entry door. Again, I wish there was budget for the elevator area and interior entry door, but I think this works reasonably well. Michael still gets the side window on his office where he can see traffic coming in and out, and reception is still facing the entry, the couch is positioned pretty much where it should be, etc.

Accounting – Just behind reception, and I know this is a little cramped due to building size constraints. I wish there was room to put a half wall behind Pam, but it is what it is. I'd love to have more office decoration items – stuff like desk calendars, easel back photos, clutter like file folders, note pads, pens, calculators, phones, and so on – all things which are already modeled in the game, but we cannot build in our camps. At least there's a lot of cat items for Angela's area 🙂

Looking out from Kevin's desk – I think this gives a good overview of the layout. I really wouldn't change too much, other than to make the whole thing a little bigger so I could upgrade to a version with Jim/Darryl's office in the corner, the greenhouse walls would be good for that.
Reverse view, looking back towards accounting from the area behind Andy's desk.

2p5nC48 - A tour of my Dunder Mifflin camp

Andy's desk area – After I took these images I found a nice big fish to put on Andy's desk, I hear he sniped it with a rifle from the crow's nest.

Dwight's desk – I really wish they'd bring back the vault boy gnome, but overall I'm happy with the plushies as desk flair for Dwight. In the background, you can see..

Meredith's desk – Getting drunk, of course. I had a little red rocket thing going up her butt, but thought it was a bit much 😛 Creed is off to the left here, with some cultist stuff, but I didn't get a good image – sorry!

Michael's office – I'm overall happy with this space. Yeah, I could wish for 1/2 spaced walls and offset doors, but working within the confines of the current camp system, this was what I came up with. There's room to sit behind the desk, and I think I got a lot of the key elements in there. Again found myself wishing for more office clutter to place in here.
View from Michael's desk looking out towards Jim.

The kitchen area and bathroom – You can see the entrance to this area in the photo from accounting. The bathroom is pretty simple, a mirror over a clean sink, a toilet and display thing with some toilet paper. I'm glad we're getting a clean toilet soon. Again, budget dictated a single bathroom rather than two with Ryan's office in between.

The Annex – More budget constraints, I was only able to fit two desks in here, Toby and Kelly. I'd love to be able to expand this area!

Break room – Finally, the break room, complete with finer things club sandwich stand thing. I had two vending machines here originally but had to remove one for budget. I feel like a broken record saying that, but it's really been the biggest drag having to compromise my build due to running out of space.

Overall, I'm very happy with my camp. I know I complained a lot about budget and stuff, but I'm OK with the compromises I made to make the build work overall. I don't get a lot of visitors since it's not really in a popular spot, but the ones who show up tend to stay for a while looking around, and if I can get someone to smile, great, it was worth the many hours of build time 🙂

Thanks for looking!

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