A update too heavy gunner

fallout 6 - A update too heavy gunner

Tips and tricks heavy gunner Get the bloatfly syringer…extra acid is great, actually that goes for any gunner.

And in nuke zones it works for getting hardened mass, glowing mass, high irradiated water. More violet flux is amazing.

Best advice for heavy gunner 15 STR use 2pts in all heavy damage perks , ie low, expert,master this is a loss of 15% but perks like bloody mess make it up and we'll we can only have 15 STR.

this leaves 9 pts for bandolier,traveling pharmacy and bear arms. Of course swap depending on gear/ needs,

Blocker is a great alternate.

Legacy Gatling laser, Gatling plasma bandolier easily swapped, to +1 in heavy damage perks. But would say batteries included, and power user are must haves That's 6 in int minimum, not counting nerd rage , demolition, or gunsmith, your build will depend on rng.

Speed demon makes lock and load unneeded. Stay away from grounded the 50,% less energy damage nerfs the gatling laser,Gatling plasma,gause minigun, and plasma caster.

Int perk, batteries included, poweruser.and I'd argue gunsmith It's all about poweruser doubling fusion cores duration.

A gatlling laser holds 500 rounds per core, with poweruser it's 999 per core, with battery Inc each core runs .3 lbs vs 3lbs this is huge.

Power user , This also works with ultracite fusion cores. But does not apply too the Gatling plasma cores, and ultracite plasma cores.


With max ammosmith , legendary ammofactory, and super duper, 2 fusion cores can yield 9 ultracite fusion cores for the cost of 1 stable violet flux this is by far the fastest, cheapest ammo too stockpile ammo. 2 cores 1 stable violet = 9 plus super duper, so let's call it 12 if it procs, that's 4500 /6000, or with power user 9000/12000 that's a huge amount.

Bear arms make heavyguns weigh less then 1-2 lbs. Carry a few alternate weapons.

Gatlingguns I know the 50 cal is the highest dps but it will chew through bullets so fast if using 50 cal don't prime it.

While the gatlinggun has superior per bullet damage, and has a clip up too 500 rnds. And tse can still drop ingame making it a great non legacy run And gun, max ranks in crafting And your making 350+ rnd of 5mm

The shredding mini gun…tip if alternate weapon is say a gatlinggun, make the mini primed, so you can use it as a shredder. 0 ammo means you can have fun in resilient op.

And a vampires Gatling laser, Gatling plasma can be a viable non legacy,

Stick with melee, or shotguns till lvl35+ minigun ok but are inferior too a gatling. Side with Raiders for gaussminigun.

A note usually speaking till lvl 30, I'll run sneaky sniper, conservation of lead. Etc.. Shotguns are a great alt for a heavy.

Legendary prefixes too look for Two shot, bloodied,furious,antiarmor ,junkies on heavy. Executioner is really good on Gatling guns

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