A valuable lesson learned.

fallout 7 - A valuable lesson learned.

June 3rd, 2019. Site Alpha. 9ish PM EDT

I am graced with 40 minutes of free time on this evening so I feel it is my duty to do something for the good of Appalachia. That is, of course, to launch a nuke.

As I load into the game, I am bombarded by the seemingly endless list of updates at the top left corner of my screen that shows up every time. Checkpointed. Checkpointed. Your nuclear codes have self destructed. I think nothing of it.

As I take my first steps towards the little shack by the shallow pool, I notice the red outline of a level 26 Yao Guai. An easy target from the top of the shack, I crouch to get my sneak damage bonus as I scope in using my executioners explosive pipe bolt-action rifle. A single round fired, and then the oh so glorious ding of XP gained graces my ears as a reward for my elite sniper aim. I quickly run over to where the mighty bear once stood, carve its meat, and head back to the elevator in the shack.

A few seconds let, I’ve loaded into the silo and I do a quick check of the map to see if there were any active nuke zones already. I thought it a tad peculiar that there wasn’t, but there is no time to waste so I rush through the silo as quickly as I can. I obtain an ID card, scan my body for whatever reason, create a new ID card, and swipe it through the registration system. Easy.

Part 2, shut down the reactor, repair the pipes, gain entry to the silo room. EASY. Destroy mainframe, EASY. Repair mainframe, EASY.


Part 3, be a one man army protecting robot crew chiefs. Not so easy, as more than the usual lone robot spawn, but doable nonetheless.

As I wait for the launch prep to finish, I pull up the map and switch over to my second screen to get the current nuke codes. I swipe my nuclear keycard with ease and walk over to the keypad.

Odd, I think at this moment, I thought I’d launched a nuke from this silo already… Regardless of concerns, I key in the digits and I see RED. The code is incorrect, my nuclear keycard is no longer acceptable, and I am in a pickle.

A minute or so ticks away as I begin to accept defeat. I frantically search for the new codes online to no avail. They had only reset, at most, a few hours ago.

With the shame of a thousand dogs with their tails tucked between their legs, I fast travel out of site alpha. In my head, “mission failed, we’ll get em next time” echoes endlessly.

Although no one was around to share this shame with, I can only feel like I have let everyone down. With that, a lesson was learned that I will never forget.

Verify your nuke codes before you head down into a silo. (On Monday nights, I guess)

PS: to the kind woman that gifted me 1k 5mm bullets at WS before I logged off, I truly appreciate you. My only regret at the time was not thinking to return the favor, my apologies.

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