A Vending Tip from a level 251 wastelander: scrip shops!

fallout 76 discussion and inform - A Vending Tip from a level 251 wastelander: scrip shops!

Hello fellow vault dwellers, raiders, settlers, and what not!

Having a hard time making a modest income of caps from your vendors? Seeing players just stare into your vendor and move onto the next with the same result? Look no further than the trash weapons in your inventory! That’s right! That Nocturnal Pipe Pistol will finally do you some good! Introducing… scrip shops! Scrip Shops are a new way of vending that involves little effort and lots of caps! ‘How do you do this?’ you may ask. Well it’s simple! Just loot a legendary ghoul, mutant, or the sad excuse of a legendary that is a mole rat, take the shiny trinket that it has, and plop it into your vendor! Do this until you have a good amount of legendaries and wait for the results!

This form of vending is somewhat unique and interesting. However, there isn’t much demand for scrip weapons specifically so expect your income to be slow. Another thing to note is that since the prices you will be setting are so cheap for scrip weaponry and armory, you will not be swimming in caps as often, your scrip shop is meant for quick caps and so expect to get quick caps. But a benefit to this new technique is that if you play your cards right, you’ll have all the caps you could ever need with little effort.

What you need:


Convenience is key! Vending isn’t just about what you have, it’s where you have it! You must choose the location of your camp wisely and diligently. The best way of being convenient is to place your camp next or near a train station so that you’ll maximize the possibility of being visited and, even better, offer convenience since your a scrip vender. The shop should essentially act as an extension of the train station with the train station acting as a place to exchange the weapons and armors for scrip while your camp is for buying those scrip weapons and armors. The buyer goes to the train station, investigates your camp, might buy the scrip-ware, and put it to scrip. Simple! Players often set up shop by the white springs train station so expect yourself to disconnect often if you set it up there. If you do, then a few meters away from the station if preferable.


  1. You have a higher chance of being visited because you are close to the train station.

  2. You also have a higher chance of being bought from and act as a convenience for others and yourself as the short distance between your camp and the train station and you get a place to sell whatever you don’t need.


  1. If you haven’t already moved your camp to be close to a train station, then you will have to move it. This is not to necessary and moving the camp is only recommended if you want to really be open for shop to others and if you log into a server that has your original spot taken up.

  2. You might need to make it apparent that you sell scrip-ware. This may include marketing like signs and big letters that represent what your shop is meant for.


Prices are extremely important for your business if you want to thrive! A good recommendation for prices based on the legendaries stars would be: 50 for 1, 70 for 2, and 100 for 3* legendaries. These prices are meant to be attractive. Wastelanders will most likely buy these scrip items because of this. It is also recommended that you at least have up to 10 legendary armors and weapons (or more) and to try and find light ones like pipe pistols or scout armor. If you do find something that interests you or is exceptional compared to your stalk, then put that in a separate vendor and price it differently. For example: if you find a bloody weapon with decent stats then put it up for more than 100 or a much different price at a different vendor (on that note I highly recommend using the FED76 website for pricing accurately). If you have a really poor excuse for a weapon or trashy armor, then it should be part of your main stalk at your regular vendors. At tip of advise is to see if the weapon has the reduced weight affect as you may be able to easily fit more scrip trash into your vendors. You also want to make it so that the 3* can accumulate to up to 1000 caps which is the reasoning for the 100 cap recommendation for 3* legendary trash, meaning a single customer can buy ten weapons and armors for up to 1000 caps. And since 1000 caps is easy to get, player will be like “ohh, why the hell not” when buying.


Pros: 1. Making prices that go up to 100 caps is a good and effective strategy. I once had a vendor half full of scrip items until a player came along and emptied half of what I had. I walked away with about 450 caps that day.

  1. Even though nobody asked for it, scrip shops will sell stuff at a decent rate. If fact, you’ll see that you might sell more and gain more than if you didn’t go the scrip shop route of vending.

  2. It’s so easy and common to find crap that you’ll practically swim in it! It requires little effort to find suitable things to put in your vendors making this way of life easy!

Cons: 1. You will need a dedicated and precious space in your stash for selling if you don’t have fallout 1st. I recommend having AT LEAST 100 pounds of free space. If you have more than that is even better. So find junk and stuff that you don’t need and bulk it to sell to a vendor or make ammo and repairs for weapons and armor (lead, steel, and gunpowder are surprisingly heavy so make some 5.56 and ammo for yourself!). But you could always sell the stuff in that inventory if you feel the need to.

  1. Some things are not worth selling and you’ll need to scrip your own stalk yourself sometimes if you can’t fit more. Patience is a rare commodity but it will eventually pay off with the right buyer so you end up finding your inventory having excess stuff.

Other tips!

  1. Don’t sell meds and chems in your vendors, they take up space, are heavy, and are easy to find so their is little point in storing dead weight unless it’s magazines, comics, bobble heads, and serums. Plus those are usually bought more often than regular chems and aid items anyway and weight a hell of a lot less overall so stop depriving yourself of those good chems and treat yourself (or, of course, sell them to a vender bot)!

  2. If you have armors or weapons that you particularly don’t need but have a value behind it, then give it a separate vendor and charge more than the scrip ones. I recommend starting at 500 caps and having a max of over 1250 caps (their are always bigger fish to fry so if you really, REALLY feel it isn’t your average joe, then price it however you want!). Plus we are essentially a dollar store for the wasteland anyway so it isn’t wrong to do such a thing if you ask me.

  3. Sell bulk for cheap! Of course rarer stuff sells for higher like screws and Ultracite which should go for 20 caps for the bulked screws and 5 caps for the Ultracite. The rarer the bulk, the more you should price it for but for the love of Todd don’t sell bulls screws for 80 caps! I recommend bulking lead and steel primarily and maybe some gunpowder.

  4. Align your vendors so that the sides are touching the walls of you complex. This allows for more vendors to be fitted into your camp and thus more space for you. This is very common in many vendor camps.

  5. Mumbles the legendary vendor rarely gets visitors who permanently neighbor near her so having your camp near her is extremely helpful to you and players who want to fill up their scrip limit. Besides, you may offer better legendaries if you have some…just saying…

  6. Make sure to properly label the camp so that players get what you are selling. This included listing each vendor or to put a big fat sign up that says “scrip shop” or whatever you want to call it. Otherwise, players may just mousy along.

If you have any questions to ask and any comments to add, just feel free to speak your mind friends!

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