A wasted Sunday afternoon

fallout 2 - A wasted Sunday afternoon

This is my first post on reddit, normally just read other people articles. However, I feel the need to share my tale of woe from the Sunday just gone.

So I was playing with the wife. I’m a level 85 and was upstairs, she is a level 65 and was downstairs. We were aimlessly wandering the wasteland wondering what to do when the wife said “I’ve not seen anyone set off a nuke for a while” I had a think about and realised it had been about a week of playing without seeing a single nuke go off. So I was like “ we both have a nuclear keycard let’s go set our own nuke off and have some fun”

So we made our way to site alpha, and everything went down hill from there.

I spawned first and seen the level 76 glowing yao guai bear and thought I’ll take him before the wife gets here. Ran up to him ready to swing my Grognak axe into his face…..instead I slapped him with my camera. Mr bear was not amused and quickly b*tch slapped me twice and I was dead ( never noticed I was low health at the time )

Respawned and we made our way downstairs. We got through all the stuff up to destroying the mainframe cores when we noticed a level 130+ guy running around in his pants, goggles and a death claw gauntlet. Between the 3 of us we made short work of getting to the launch room and protecting the bots ready for someone to launch the nuke. The wife and I stayed back waiting for pants guy to go do it but he just stood there staring at us and being all pantsie. I decided I would go ahead and do it. Swiped my keycard and got 3 numbers in to the launch code when I suddenly died. Totally confused and before I could say anything I heard the wife screaming “The fcker just killed us both” Neither of us knew why pants guy had done this. The wife instantly went all evil and vindictive and said “Let’s go to his camp and fck sh*t up” So we went to his camp and we got as far as blowing up his fusion generator and water purifier before pants guy turned up and shredded us with his 50 cal.

We decided to jump server and try again. Back to site Alpha.

So we make our way down and around and get past destroying the mainframe cores. Walk into the hallway when an invisible assaultron dominator decided to unleash holy screaming hell right at me from point blank range. I could feel my face melting off as I died.

Respawn, back down I go again. As soon as I get out the elevator there are 6 level 52 gutsys and 2 assaultrons just waiting for me like a pack of wolves. Dead again.

Respawn, back down I go again. Make it past that and get to the pipe room. Waiting for me in the shadows were 3 lovely invisible assaultron dominators who decided to scream at me all at the same time and you guest it, dead again.

Respawn, back down I go again. Make it to replacing the mainframe cores room. Taking out an unusually high amount of assualtrons and gutsies. Open a door to have a big, fat huge grinning sentrybot who decided to blast a hole right through my chest and…..dead again. By this time the wife has made it to the launch room but her gun has broken, she has no fusion cores for her PA, no food and no stimpaks.


Respawn, back down I go again. Fiiiiiiinally make it to the launch room just in time to here the wife screaming and swearing as…..she died.

Respawn, back she comes down again. We both finally make it to the launch room together, do all the prep, kill all the bad guys and up steps the wife for her time to shine and launch the nuke. I’m reading the launch code to her over our headsets and give her the final number waiting for the notification we are ready to launch. All I can hear out of 1 ear is “F****************CK” being screamed from downstairs, while my eardrum bursts with the one the headset is on. The wife put the wrong number in on the very last digit failing the launch!!!!! We have no more keycard on us. The next 15 minutes was me spent telling her we need to go back to the bunker to find the cargo bot to get another key card. She refused to believe me until she consulted the googles. We agreed the wife would go to the bunker and do this so she can repair her gun while I stay behind and pretend the floor is made of lava and jump on things. After about 10 minutes I got bored and wondered what would happen if I put in the launch code. Lo and behold it actually worked and I was able to set that big boy to go off at fissure site prime. I can only assume that the game somehow noted that I swiped the card over servers but never put in the launch code.

We made our way to the nuke site for the SBQ fight hoping for some fun, but by this stage neither of us were really feeling it.

We had about 12 or so level 100+ players turn up for the fight. 5 minutes in my shotgun breaks. There was a lot, and I mean an aloooooot of beasties and scorched that turned up. Definitely way more than usual. Unfortunately, this resulted in the time expiring and that hairy SBQ b*tch still flapping around mocking us. Even worse, I don’t think we even got her half way down her last health bar before the time was up.

Total failure, total devastation, total deflation!!

3 hours, 2 broken guns, 1000 shotgun shells,60+ stimpaks, no food, no fusion cores, multiple deaths and not a single legendary drop!!

I know what you’re thinking….wow that guy died a lot. I would like to point out that I think that is honestly the first time I had died in about 25 levels, back when I was like level 60. I still cannot understand what the hell was going on.

After all that neither of us could bring ourselves to keep playing. We decided to go to the pub for a few beers and ended up drunk. The whole time all we kept saying to each other…..to ourselves “Why did pants guy kill us……whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy!!”

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