A week of Anthem fully renewed my appreciation and love for Fallout 4

fallout 6 - A week of Anthem fully renewed my appreciation and love for Fallout 4

Dear Fallout 4,

I’m so sorry I complained about getting error codes from you maybe once every couple weeks. In Anthem, it happens several times an hour.

I’m so sorry I complained about RNG and drops. At least I know when I’m getting powerful rewards with you!

Your loading times seem lightning fast compared to that game, but maybe that’s because you let me look at lore and models while loading?! Why did I ever take that for granted??

You weren’t released before you were finished. Graphics were as good as any other modern game. Sound quality was great. NPC dialogue is timed appropriately with the story. That’s not too much to ask though, is it? Tell that to BioWare.

I’ve never thought your storyline and lore were shallow like all the haters. They said Anthem would surpass you there. Boy were they wrong. No wonder their gods left them to languish — they got bored!

4 years and I’ve never grown tired of your endgame: helping the Brotherhood of Steel, trying to get Elder Maxson's jacket, building robots, purging the Commonwealth of the synth threat, character quests. Don’t even get me started on those 3 “strongholds.” Please.

So what if you didn’t give me a flying iron man suit. My Vertibird gets me from point A to point B in plenty of style, and I don’t have to constantly stress about overheating and plummeting to the ground.


Besides, beating synth scum to death with my bare hands wouldn’t be much fun in a javelin now would it?

I logged in to your beautiful wasteland this morning just to do a couple weeklies before going back to that hopeless struggle against the synth threat. But you drew me back in. I think I’ll do some settlement building — or Far Harbor quests! Nuka-world is gonna be SWEET! (And damn right I paid extra for it — quality work takes time and money) Maybe I’ll go on a rampage through Diamond City and murder every fucking synth there with 5 of my Brotherhood comrades. So many fun options.

You might not be perfect. But you’re beautiful to me!

Disclaimer: I actually enjoyed Anthem this past week, at least on the rare occasion when it was working properly. I’m giving it a hard time because they released a product that was nowhere near complete. If it were complete, I would really really like it. But it will never be a “Fallout 4 killer” even if they fix all of the dozens of bugs and quality of life issues. Also Fallout: New Vegas will objectively be better than both of them combined no matter what.

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