Aaand I’m done. Final straw just broke me.

fallout 5 - Aaand I'm done. Final straw just broke me.

I tried, I really tried, to give FO76 the chance it deserved, because despite all the vitriol from fans, there were some sparks of brilliance in this game. There were many memorable quests (Top of the World, Firebreathers etc.) and being able to play and explore with my friends was great. But unfortunately, there were just too many bugs, too many fu*k-ups for this game to be viable, despite the good that could be found. And tonight saw the final straw break me, when the riverside camp I spent hours perfecting yesterday had just disappeared from the game, not even going into storage.

I don't want to go into great detail, but the following issues have ruined this game for me and really need addressing if Bethesda is going to keep anyone playing this game:

  1. Stash size – I know this is on their radar and they recently upped it to 600, but they need to do more.

  2. Carry weight bugs. Have the temerity to log out in your PA? Lose the bonus carry weight it gave you and be over-encumbered. Die in PA, get re-spawned at Vault 76 despite not being over-encumbered if PA was properly taken into account.

  3. Server performance and lag. Enemies and players floating or rubber-banding around. Corpses taking an age for loot to become available. Not good enough.

  4. Disappearing items, loot, bases, etc. So many of these bugs in this game. Drop something for a friend only to see it disappear. Log in to find your base gone. Seems to happen nearly every day.

  5. Stupid UI decisions. Why is gunpowder in misc? Why are Hardened Masses in junk? Why cant I break down legendaries? Why does it let me junk favourited/items I am wearing? Why is it Z for menu? Could taking a screen shot be any more awkward? Just piss poor overall design.

  6. Bugs, so many bugs. Cant play holotapes in PA. Cant kill Evan. Quest markers not showing. Enemies not spawning. etc.etc. The list goes on.

  7. Poor design choices. 200 cap vendor limit. Not being able to find plans to buy. Not being able to see what perks unlock at what level. So many bad design decisions, without even questioning decisions like the lack NPC's.

  8. Lack of communication from Bethesda. So far we have had 1 note from them. They need to own this fu*k-up. They need to apologise and promise to sort stuff out. They need to be totally transparent about patches and the road forward. They need communicate server downtime and availability. They have been so bad at this to date it is unbelievable.

Anyway, rant over. I could have gone on for a long time about how frustrating this game is. Like I said before there are some great elements, but they are wrapped up and presented to us in a bucket of shite. I sincerely hope Bethesda sort this game out, although I suspect it may be too tall a task. I think it is clear that the engine was never suitable for this game, and question whether it could ever realistically be made to be. I hope Bethesda take all this criticism to heart, and I hope it influences their games for the better in future. I guess only time will tell.

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