About that QOL update coming up

fallout 4 - About that QOL update coming up

Is anyone aware if the following issues will be fixed?

-Daily ops- mob spawns are inconsistant and at times scaled improperly. Parties of two are spawning mobs for 4 or more players. Sometimes dying and coming back will double mob spawns as well.

-Fast travel is still broken badly in multiple ways. Timer just falls off after countdown. Fast travel wont let you fast travel at all. Or the rare occurance of fast traveling to one location but ending up somewhere across the map is happening as well

-VATS- Occasiinally VATS will "fall off" a target, even with full AP VATS wont stay locked onto targets.

-Reloading Bug (2)- Guns reload when there are still bullets in the chamber (maybe visual bug?) Or heavy guns will reload multiple times in a row

-No Damage Bug- back since last patch. Melee has it the worst but all weapons seem to be effected. Several hits/shots, up to 12 at times will not connect or do damage

-Enemy health renewal- self explanatory. Most enemies health refils some while in combat

-Legendary bodies- seem to disappear at a disproportionate rate to standard enemy bodies.

-Frozen enemies- mostly scorched and ghouls. Freeze after death and are unlootable

-Unusual damage taken- I play with a group of friends and we all have encountered random days where one of us takes an extra amount of damage. Nothing has changed, no armor is broken, no diseases etc. However enemy hits are somehow doing far more damage to one of us than usual. This can shift back to normal with a few server jumps or the next day things are fine. We can not figure out why its occurring.


-Daily challenge kill cultists- just encountered a bug where several cultists do not register as dead for the challenge. Had to kill about 25 for the 15 to count.

-Friends list- occasionally says friends are on Main Menu and you cant join them when they are infact in servers.

Eta: Broken events.

-Leader of the pack fails after killing the first two wolves. Plenty of time left. Just fails. Ive also now had it spawn two leaders per point.

-Bots on Parade spawns non agroed enemies. You can not vats them. This has been broken a long time now.

-Claiming workshop events will spawn enemies under ground or inside walls making them unclaimable.

-Heart of the Swamp- occasionally the first hit of damage "kills" the strangler heary and the event can not proceed.

-Distant Thunder- on aeveral occasions is spawning the last enemy miles down the road from the actual event, so you have to leave the radius of the event to kill it therefore failing the event for being out of radius.

-Messenger event will spawn the part needed for Mr Handy but wont let you pick it up.

Many of these are making it really hard to log in and play daily and im sure im missing some so feel free to add yours should they possibly see this list.

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