Add a legendary perk coin as reward for daily ops

fallout 4 - Add a legendary perk coin as reward for daily ops

Just one coin/op would help greatly. Currently, to finish a single card you need 300/(9/5*2) =83,3 level's of not-doing-anything-else-with-your-level-up to max out one perk card. Now for all 6 perk cards that would make 500 level's just for leveling the 6 active perk cards to the maximum. That is, in addition to:

– Actually using perk cards (at least 56 levels I think?)

– Swapping legendary perk cards (~1/3 level each time)

– Leveling additional legendary perk cards for variance (83,3 level's each.. bc… there are more than 6)

– Having backup cards like scientist, super duper and so on (variable amount).

Now, from a player that has a girlfriend that maxed out warframe's focus pool on two accounts (mine and hers) I can say: This is an unreasonable grind.

So, we desperatly need another way to earn perk coins. I was surprised to find none on the score board rewards…

The cards were great to be able to try other builds, without needing that heavy investment in level-up's to swap around perk points. I was thrilled to dump some strength into agi and walk around with the strength perk card while I play heavy, and then swap in agi + per when I want to try out rifle hunting. Guess legendary perk cards won't solve this for me.

In addition to all that: The level up system of those cards is deeply unrewarding. (Edited this section, with the new perc costs its not that unrewarding anymore, still sucks)

Level 1: 100% (Free)

Level 2: 200% (+100% effect, cost: 50 => 2% / perk point)


Level 3: 300% (+100% effect, cost: 100 => 1% / perk point)

Level 4: 500% (+200% effect, cost: 150 => 1,3% / perk point)

Now, level 3 on a card is most people will reach with the current system. Wich is also the worst you could get for your money / perk coins, since level 2 and 4 upgrades each add 1% bonus effect per perk coin spent, while level 3 only adds 0,66% bonus effect per perk coin spend.

So yeah, we need other ways to earn those points. There are 26 perk cards, enough to keep all players busy for a while, but having your basic load out far beyond the level a regular player will reach is kinda crappy.

Ps: To sum up that math:

300 = Costs of maxing a legendary perk card

9/5 = Amount of perks you get each level (1 perk card a level, making 5 perk cards in 5 levels + the perk pack making 9 perk cards in 5 levels). Take that *2 bc. you get two perk coins for each card you scrap.

Edit: corrected the costs to upgrade legendary perks, thanks to u/ZachyChan013

Edit 2: To do some math. Lets assume everyone upgrades their first legendary set purely through level up's. 26 Cards left / 7800 coins . Now, lets assume someone who activly farms daily ops finishes them in roughle 6 minutes each => 10 daily ops / coins each hour. that would make 780 hours of gameplay, farming. That would be a month of non-stop-playing just for that one mechanic..

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