Adressing the B.E.T.A. complaints

fallout 1 - Adressing the B.E.T.A. complaints

"We need more time in the beta! 4 hours isn't nearly long enough!"

The beta isn't for you to play and get ahead, it's to test the servers and find bugs

"Other games have betas that last days or even weeks! This is ridiculous!"

By other games, you mean like COD and Battlefield? Yeah, they have longer betas, because they're only one or two modes on a handful of maps. They're online shooters. This is an open world, open ended exploration game. Giving unlimited play time weeks before the game launches is ridiculous.

"I paid $60+ for this, and all I get is 6 hours when I was promised a week extra?"

You weren't promised anything. They said they might do it for 4-8 hours on any given day. Any given day could mean just one day. The fact that we're able to even play a game in this genre pre-release is phenomenal, let alone multiple days. I defy you to find one other game in this genre that you can say the same about. And you didn't pay for this. You paid for the final product, which hits store shelves November 14th, 2018, or, three weeks from today. The B.E.T.A. was just incentive to reserve a copy, you didn't pay for it, and no one made you buy it.

"What am I even supposed to do in 4 hours anyway? That's not enough time to do anything!"

Did it occur to you once that maybe that's the point? That this isn't to get you further ahead than everybody else, but rather to make sure the servers can handle millions of people at once and to find any bugs they may have missed? And that your progress saving is only a bonus for helping to test it, rather than some in game cosmetic?

"Whatever man, you're just an apologist!"

No, I'm a realist. I could've told you when they announced information about the beta that it likely wouldn't last multiple days and give you dozens if not hours of game time three weeks prior to launch.

"What about EU times! It's so stupid!"

What's stupid is you guys just banned memes. It makes complete sense for a company based on the East coast to operate during East coast hours, especially on a product that hasn't come out yet.


"The PvP system is so broken! I only do a fraction of the damage to other players! I should be able to kill whoever I want!"

It's a PvE focused game with PvP added to fill that niche in modern online games. You just want to troll, fu*k with and otherwise ruin other people's experiences.

"Well I'm cancelling my pre order!"

Okay, bye.

"Why would they do it on Saturday! I'm going to be playing RDR2 then!"

Okay? Not everyone will be. Saturday evening is a prime time world wide for gaming. They're going to get more people in that area.

"Well now they added Sunday so very few people will play it on Saturday! LMFAO Going back on their word as usual."

They most likely added Sunday to shut people like you up and give you just another taste. They're giving you an inch and you're trying to go a mile. They don't owe you anything until November 14th.

"I heard/ I read/ I saw….."

You didn't play, you don't get a say. Harsh, I know, but complaining about something you have no experience with only breeds negativity and misinformation. There'd be a lot less if you didn't hop on every anti BGS bandwagon

"They've been misleading us!"

No, they haven't. You just don't know what words like "maybe" and "might" mean. News flash, they don't mean yes it's happening. They mean it's a possibility, but not confirmed. They have to be vague, because they're still working out the kinks. Name one other company that releases a beta and actually addresses the problems with it. I'll wait.

"Do you really think I'd pay for this pile of shit? I'm just agreeing with what everyone else is saying."

Again, no play, no say. And if you have no intention of getting it, then why are you here? Go away, you're part of the problem.


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