Adventure Mode PvP Changed Needed For A Better Coop Multiplayer Experience

fallout 3 - Adventure Mode PvP Changed Needed For A Better Coop Multiplayer Experience

This are some thoughts that came from one experience I had this weekend – was at Campfire Tales where two level 7s showed up and one of them sent me a team invite. I will simply not accept random team invites because it can be exploited for them to get you into PvP, even though you have your Pacifist mode enabled. Unfortunately there's still a few PvP exploits/loopholes out there, and this has a negative impact for people teaming up and playing the game in the spirit of the Overseer's message (coop and working together with other Vault dwellers).

Since Bethesda wants to retain some level of PvP in adventure mode, I propose a few more changes that should help fix PvP behavior that detracts from a better coop multiplayer and casual adventure game mode.

  • Pacifist should apply whether you're alone or in a team. Only team members not in pacifist are PvP eligible. Anyone switching off their Pacifist will not automatically be engaged until the next engagement. This will allow Pacifist and PvP players to play in mixed teams, and get rid of the PvP exploits that might keep Pacifist players from teaming up with randoms to help them.
  • Caps rewards for PvP kills should be lower than Survival mode or removed completely. Personally I feel removing caps from PvP kills in adventure mode is a good thing – it enables friendly PvP gameplay where people can test out their builds without worrying about the caps, and contesting workshops will be for actual workshop ownership and resources rather than some quick caps grab. Junk bags are still there for the taking.
  • CAMPs in adventure mode should be indestructible regardless of if you're in PvP or not. All CAMP defenses do zero player damage in adventure mode. Only workshops are fair game for PvP and open to damage, and workshop defenses can damage other players. This also gets rid of the issues surrounding CAMP traps and such that's preventing the fast travel mats for CAMPs right now.

With some few tweaks to PvP I do think its viable to leave PvP in adventure mode without getting in the way of a better coop experience that a majority of the Fallout players are in the game for. I should be able to play with my friends, they can PvP, I can be Pacifist, and everyone can be happy at the same time. I should be able to team up with randoms and show them a few things and help them out without feeling like I'm leaving myself exposed to lame PvP exploiters.

Not having a separate PvP mode from the start was a big mistake IMO – it has created a lot of distrust and endless streams of griefing complains. Now that Survival mode is a thing, its time to restore the balance and sanity to allow for those of us who want to experience the rebuilding together to enjoy the game more and our PvP friends can join us for our adventures while still being able to PvP with others or spar amongst themselves before they go to Survival mode for the hardcore PvP experience.

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