After 16 hours of gameplay, 400 wt for scrap is stretching

fallout 4 - After 16 hours of gameplay, 400 wt for scrap is stretching

Title. I've played since the stress test and albeit that progress was not carried, I just hit the 400 wt limit on my workbench storage. As I understand it, Any container in your CAMP contributes to this (have not found any other container plans yet!) So "unsafe" storage doesn't seem possible to me as of yet.

Is there any plan to either include unsafe storage, or upping the cap? (hell removing the storage weight for junk would be the best imo!)

Note that I have converted 70% of my junk to the bulk version, and smelted all of the ores too. If there's any way of compressing it further please let me know! The only other things I have in my CAMP storage are 3 power armor chassis.


Having a blast with the game though, definitely hyped for the next session and full release!

EDIT: looks like it may not be limited in the full game, fingers crossed the 400 wt limit is temporary! https://twitter.com/DCDeacon/status/1048585136793640960


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