After a group experiment, here’s how we think the auto complete bug happens with daily challenges.

fallout 4 - After a group experiment, here’s how we think the auto complete bug happens with daily challenges.

Having gotten what I wanted from the Legendary Run some friends and myself decided to dedicate the last couple of weeks to experimenting and see if we could figure out exactly what causes the auto-complete bug for the daily challenges. For those who are fortunate enough not to know, what this bug does is cause your daily challenges to be marked as complete even though you haven’t done them and without giving you the points for it, making it impossible for you to complete the legendary run or earn the rewards that others are getting.

Here are our basic findings as tested on the PS4 system:

1) Never once did anyone get the bug when we didn’t log in between 2am and 12pm EST (when the change over happens).

2) It was very unlikely that anyone got the bug when making sure -not- to be logged in within a couple hours of the daily change over happening.

3) It was highly likely (though not definite) that we got the bug when being logged in right before or during the daily change over (12pm EST)

4) It was Extremely likely that we got the bug when logging out right before the daily change over and then logging back in.

5) Once one of us got the bug, it seemed to make it more likely that it was going to happen again no matter what action we took, however staying away from logging in, in the morning did tend to help.

6) Right now the bug only seems to effect the regular daily challenges, not the extra dailies added from the community completing the Atlas challenge.

7) The only member of our group who never got the bug was the “control” person who never logged in between 2am and 12:30 pm EST



A) The closer you are logged in to the changeover time (12pm EST) the more likely you are to get the bug.

B) The safest time to log into the game seems to be 12:30pm EST or after to avoid getting the bug.

C) Once you get the bug, the more likely it is to happen to you and will occur sometimes no matter what you do. One member of the group got the bug every single day no matter what they did once they got it the first time.

D) Given the fact that the new reward challenges seem to not be effected in the same way, we suspect/theorize that the daily change over coding/mechanic/whatever initiates in the background of the servers/game before 12pm EST and just doesn’t go into effect until then. Whenever that time is, if you’re logged in between that and the changeover you are at risk of getting the bug. The new reward challenges initiate at the same time that they go active and so they do not bug out in the same way and are thus safer and less effected by it.

I can’t say for certainty that this is 100% true, or promise this method will work. This is just the findings of 5 people experimenting with log in times and the 6th person being the control and not logging in at all between 2am and 12:30pm EST. If you’re close to completing the run or almost to the item you want I suggest playing it safe and not logging into the game between 2am and 12:30pm EST.

TLDR: If you don’t want to get the bug don’t log in anywhere close to 12pm EST. Once you get the bug you’re susceptible to it no matter what you do.

I hope this helps someone.

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