After all the complaining in the past few days, some positive vibes !

fallout 4 - After all the complaining in the past few days, some positive vibes !

So i did a lot of, well, not really complaining, hopefully mostly warranted criticism.

In any case, there is a lot to love.

Let's take yesterday as an example.

I logged on, little by little some people i met in the game joined the chat. We just did a couple of events, had a few laughs and figured out what everyone was currently missing and who can help out.

So i get a new shiny legendary weapon by someone who doesn't use it, i gave one of my power armors to a guy who didn't have one, we exchange some junk so we can all craft / repair and build.

We do some farming together, split up for a while again, if someone needs help he just needs to say so and we all fast travel to him.

After a while i have a few ideas for a new camp in mind and found a cool spot, so i set up a new camp for the 50th time and every time i find a new trick or a new way to build.

In the end, i invariably spend more time online than i planned.


Would the game still interest me if it weren't for the people i met ? Maybe, probably not. But i did meet people.

So this weekend we will launch a few nukes, try to take out the queen, get everybody a few levels and despite the crashes and setbacks we will invariably suffer, we will very likely have an overall great time.

And that tells me two things.

For one, that there is a great game here with tons of potential. That the multiplayer adds massively to the game.

And that we should not defend or attack the game at all cost. I will keep posting bugs and changes i think are needed and i will keep voicing my opinion on the mtx, BECAUSE i enjoy the game.

But i will also try to post some more positive stuff from time to time 🙂

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