After failing a previous attempt, I finally finished Fallout 4 + DLC’s with No Weapons, No Armor, Permadeath and on Survival Difficulty. This is how I did it.

fallout 1 - After failing a previous attempt, I finally finished Fallout 4 + DLC's with No Weapons, No Armor, Permadeath and on Survival Difficulty. This is how I did it.

After 13 parts I finally managed to beat the game without using any weapons aside from bare fists, with no clothing items that give me any damage or rad resistance, no companions, on Survival difficulty and without dying once.

Fallout 4 gives a lot of options in playstyle straight from the beginning and so I made sure my character build was made so I could take a few essential perks at the very beginning, together with making sure that other perks were only a few SPECIAL points away.

So I started off with:

  • Strength 9 (For Rooted)
  • Perception 1
  • Endurance 1
  • Charisma 1
  • Intelligence 6 (At 7 you have Chemist and at 8 you have Robotics expert, both are vital.)
  • Agility 9 (For Blitz, the single most important perk for the entire run as well as sneaking in general.)
  • Luck 1

I started off the run by helping Preston and the others in Concord, saving them from the raiders by carefully using sneak attacks and Blitz. The Deathclaw can easily be taken care of by acting as bait in a nearby building and letting Preston take potshots until he finally kills it. I did this because I wanted to go for the Minutemen ending, seeing as this one is the easiest by far.

After that, I helped them out at Sanctuary and started doing settlement quests for Preston, sneaking to the settlements at night because this was much safer.

I also did the beginning of Diamond City Blues during this, up to the point where you disrupt the Chems meetup. This was done purely to get the huge amount of drugs that were a huge help for the rest of the run. Jet especially is vital for running away from certain death situations and that's why I also said that Chemist is so important for the run.

After taking enough settlements, I started Retaking the Castle. This proved to be the first major hurdle of the run. As the Mirelurk Queen was very strong and every minutemen who wasn't essential died within seconds. In the end, It turned into a long game of cat and mouse as I had to keep the Queen's attention from Preston and the one other essential minuteman away long enough for them to get up and damage her. Once she was dead, it was time to focus on the main quest.

For the main quest, I immediately went to save Nick Valentine from Vault 114. At this point, I had gotten enough drugs and perks to make the game a lot more managable. Using sneak attacks and different drugs whenever needed. I kept this playstyle for the whole playthrough, though there were still a few quests that were difficult in particular:

  • Hunter/Hunted: I used the recall code you can get from Mama Murphy so the Courser was no issue, the main problem was getting to him. Greentech Genetics is an incredibly hectic building to sneak through and in the end I had to run past the majority of the enemies in a Jet-fueled sprint.

  • Defend the Castle: The Institute's attack on the Castle proved to be another difficult quest. It basically being a harder version of Retaking the Castle as waves and waves of different enemies came in and the Minutemen who were there to help quickly got slaughtered. Fortunately, Preston was still essential and by keeping the attention on himself, I managed to kill almost everyone with sneak attacks.

  • Restoring Order: This quest was only difficult because of a huge mistake on my part. By the time I did the Automatron DLC, I already had Robotics Expert, making robot enemies trivial as long as I could sneak up on them. The problem was however that I forgot I needed to get Master-level Hacker to skip the final major fight against the Mechanist's robots and had to fight it because of that. It was a close call, with a bunch of robots all around and constantly using Jet & Stealth boys I had stocked up. In the end I managed but only just.

  • Taken for a Ride: The final DLC went by quite smoothly, aside from the very beginning where I took on Colter without the use of the Thirst Zapper. To do this, I had to use critical strikes over and over again as that's the only way to damage him without using the water gun. The best way to do this was with Overdrive, which gives you a 1 in 4 chance to score a critical hit even outside of VATS, no matter your Luck. Though I tried my best to prepare and did a bunch of test runs with different characters, the entire fight still took about 2 hours and 15 minutes, leaving me with no food, water, drugs, 80% of my health gone to rads, dying of thirst, only able to walk due to exhaustion, a crippled arm, and multiple addictions.

In the end, if you're looking to do a fun challenge run of the game and are up for something difficult. I highly recommend it! I also have some tips for those that do want to try:

  • Do Diamond City Blues as early as possible because the drugs you get from that help A LOT.

  • Try to avoid dangerous situations and dont be afraid to back off to retry later.

  • Myrna in Diamond City sells shipments of Fertilizer and shipments of Plastic, allowing you to make your own Jet when needed. You'll run out soon without it.

  • Get used to the stealth system in this game and use Blitz to help with this by teleporting in between enemies when you can.

  • Level up Sneak immediately to the point where you no longer trigger mines, you don't want your run to end because you accidentally didn't see one (like my previous one did).

For those who enjoy this sort of things, I'm currently also doing a challenge run of Fallout New Vegas where I don't allow myself to be hit once by anything

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